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Tweetainment – 04 Nov
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Tweetainment – 04 Nov 

@TheRealJordin Shooting video for Art of Love with @guysebastian today! So excited!
— Wah.. resmi 2nd single dong? horee..

@petewentz One day I want to have a moat around my house. Then ill consider myself a success.
— Let’s moved to Indonesia.. we have so much moat here.. :p

@MissKeriBaby Takin my workout mat so I can finish my workout in rehearsal 🙂 no excuses twam. u can do anything right n your bedrm!
— can any1 make money in bedroom? i want if it can…

@KrisAllen4Real You can preorder the album on Nov 3 on ITUNES. Sorry bout that.
— ok

@JoJoistheway Just motivated myself to get out of bed and keep my training appt. Let’s work off that english muffin…
— semoga program DIET nya lancar 🙂

@thedavidcook Just wanted to say, we can’t wait to come back out & finish strong. Working on a few surprises for you guys. See you out there.
— album baru? EP baru? Rambut baru?

(Danie Cung Cung / CreativeDisc Contributors)

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  1. Rony

    bagus bgt kalo art of love jd 2nd single..


    yupz… S.O.S g banget

  3. Bully-Burke

    JoJo mana Album barunya????

  4. han$

    David Cook!!! Rock on!

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