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Tweetainment – 11 Nov
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Tweetainment – 11 Nov 

@a1official You can watch our first performance of our single “Take You Home” on xfactor here http://tinyurl.com/ycm9nc5
yeeeah A1 is back!

@switchfoot recording 1 song exclusively 4 #Verizon..best part is you guys get to choose the song. follow @vcastmusic for details
can’t wait!

@JLSOfficial Red yellow green and blue!!! Power rangers of pop!!! The 1st letter from each spells POP!!!!!! Yeeeeah! Bluuuuuuuuue xxxxxxxx

@owlcity WANNA WIN A GIBSON?!?! http://www.owlcitycontest.com/

@1republic Friends, there is a producer named Ryan M Tedder and he’s great i’ve watched his youtube vids many times. props to him!!!

@1republic “Good Life” just hit iTunes today!!!! 4th song released leading up to our FULL album coming out next tuesday Nov 17th! Check it out

@justinbieber i stink at math! ughhh.

(Danie Cung Cung / CreativeDisc Contributors)

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  1. Cung2

    OneRepublic narsis abis 🙂

  2. Rony

    betul. haha
    take you home- lagu baru A1..?

  3. diMaz_syaH

    Jgn2 acem Take On Me ya. ha..ha..ha..ha..

  4. Aoh

    excited about A1,,,

  5. winda

    ha..ha.. jangan2 yg nulis tweetnya 1republic itu Ryan sendiri, tapi emang OKe,, Love U Ryan~~

  6. nita

    jls…power rangers banget…masa tiap personel punya warna sendiri…merah biru kuning ijo…whats next…

  7. EvaP

    Wah, OneRepublic bakal saingan ama Leona Lewis

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