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Single of The Day: Jay Z, Bono, The Edge, Rihanna – Stranded
Single of The Day

Single of The Day: Jay Z, Bono, The Edge, Rihanna – Stranded 

PhotobucketHaiti, mon amour, not gonna leave you stranded… Maka dengan semangat pergerakan amal tersebut, Jay-Z dan Rihanna bergabung dengan Bono dan The Edge merekam lagu Stranded (Haiti Mon AMour) menjadi lagu andalan dalam program Hope For Haiti Now. Bono sebagai embahnya charity memang tidak pernah diragukan sepak terjangnya, kali ini dirinya membawakan satu single ama yang catchy dan benar-benar membuat kita enggak nyesal sudah download sambil menyumbang dana untuk pemulihan Haitinya itu sendiri.

Jay-Z memberikan statement mengenai single ini. “The idea of the song is ‘We’re not gonna leave you stranded’ and that’s what the chorus is. So me and Bono started going back and forth with ideas, and he was like, ‘You know this word stranded keeps standing out to me’ and I asked him to sing it, and he put me on hold ’cause he’s recording the ideas on a Dictaphone — so he did it there and then on the phone.” Kemudian lagu ini direkam secara terpisah, di Amerika dan Inggris, yang kemudian The Edge memberikan additional production.

Intro lagunya yang memperdengarkan suara wanita dalam bahasa Kreol dan iringan pianonya memberi emosi yang mendalam. Lirik yang Jay rap-kan juga logis dan membumi, memudahkan kita untuk berempati terhadap kondisi Haiti sekarang. Keberhasilan penyampaian pesan 100%. Lagu ini keluar dari hati!
(Ai Hasibuan / CreativeDisc Contributors)

[Jay-Z – Chorus]
When the sky falls and the Earth quakes
We gon put this back together
We won’t break

Sa Pa Sé, my Port-Au-Princes
my Haitian Gods and all of my Princesses
Our condolences as you fightin’ against this
we’re right by your side as we tryin’ to make sense of this
heavenly father help us see through these problems
and for those thats left accept them into your garden
so here’s my theory, the country’s already starvin’
so we sacrificed many to shed light on all of them
God please pardon, I speak from the heart
its the only way I see this tragedy befall on them
so lets get involved with them, hand to hand with them
arm to arm with them til they get strong again,
When the sky falls…

(Rihanna and Bono – hook)
Can’t wait until tomorrow
Haiti, Mon Amour
Haiti, Mon Amour
Not gonna leave you stranded, alone, alone
oh no


[Jay-Z Verse 2]
Learn from the past, New Orleans was flooded
So we know we just can’t rely on the government
We under the rubble again, here we go rumbling when
When we gon catch a break, my friend lost his mother and then
And then, Carline lost her uncles and them
Buried with no caskets, they just put covers on them

And the tears fall, and we fight back
Story ain’t done, it can’t end like that
Nah not like this, tomorrow’s survivors gonna carry on your name
You live on inside us, your memory’s alive with us
You inspired us, to rebuild this country, you just guide us

It’s not the angels that are on their way
its not the bells of Santa Trinite
the people waiting, position vacant(?)
for hands to help, not just to pray


Haïti va s’élever
Tu peux te relever
Nous nous éléverons
Ensemble ensemble ensemble

(not gonna leave you stranded…)

we gon put this back together we wont break
we gon put this back together we wont break
we gon put this back together we wont break
we gon put this back together we wont break

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