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American Idol 9 Top 12 Boys Performances & Result
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 12 Boys Performances & Result 

Giliran penampilan para finalis cowok untuk tampil sekarang. Dapatkah mereka mengungguli finalis cewek yang katanya bakal jadi pemenang Idol tahun ini?
Simak review nya…

1. Todrick Hall – “Since You Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson
ED: You are such a great performer. Like how you did something different with the song. It was great.
RJ: I am a fan of yours but it didn’t even sound like the same song. I still wanna see you sing. You don’t have to completely change the song.
KD: You are a strong enough singer to not have to change a song that much. You took a risk, next time hold back.
SC: You came over as a dancer trying to sing. I thought it was a crazy arrangement. You murdered the original song. It was verging on stupid.
CD: What? Opening yang jelek banget nih! Single keren dari KC dibikin jadi gini… aneh banget. (5/10)

2. Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascall Flatts
SC: It was actually quite a good performance. You are here for a reason. You are a good singer, you need to take control of the performance. You will be here next week.
KD: You are my favorite kind of contestant. You will get better every week. You can’t teach people what you know. We will see incredible things from you.
RJ: You have all those pipes, a huge voice. A couple of pitchy moments but I am a big fan.
ED: You will be here a longtime. I love how humble you are.
CD: Kontestan paling muda, bakal bisa menyamai popularitas David Archuleta? We’ll see… tapi setidaknya penampilannya cukup oke.. walau pilihan lagunya Country. (7/10)

3. Jermaine Sellers – “Get Here”
ED: I love the way you look and I love that song. You were singing the song more as a performance and there were a few times you went off. You were trying to hard.
RJ: Weird choice for me. See you as a Maxwell. Just sing sometimes. KD: You wanted to show everyone what you could do. Make your runs meaningful. It felt a little old.
SC: It sounded as if you were screaming. It was so over the top. It didn’t work. You have blown your opportunity.
CD: Not so great.. tapi agak lumayan ketimbang Todrick (6/10)

4. Tim Urban – “Apologize” by OneRepublic
SC: We made the right choice the first time by not putting you through. The vocals were weak. You didn’t come over as a natural performer. Your voice isn’t good enough. You need to get it together if you stay.
KD: The music swallowed you up. With your guitar we could get more of a feel for you. You are current and you need to listen to the notes if you go forward.
RJ: It was the wrong song. None of it worked. I think you are better than that.
ED: You couldn’t hit those high notes. If you close your eyes and hear that it was horrible.
CD: Ini dia pengganti Chris Golightly yg kemarin kena diskualifikasi, sayangnya Tim Urban gak bisa nunjukkin kemampuannya. Pitchy… (5/10)

5. Joe Munoz – “You and I” by Jason Mraz
ED: You are so comfortable on stage.
RJ: Not quite the perfect song choice but you have a great voice. You did a good job with it dawg.
KD: Never thought you would have sung that. You had a few issues with the chorus. Tonight you have been the best so far.
SC: It was an ok, safe performance.
CD: Nyanyinya agak gak jelas.. dan No Star Quality. (5/10)

6. Tyler Grady – “American Woman” by the Guess Who
SC: People are going to remember that performance for the wrong reasons. You aren’t spending enough time on your vocals.
KD: You didn’t add something original to it. Bring it in to this decade.
RJ: It was style over substance.
ED: You have the poses but you are lacking the excitement. You have to work on the singing. Get into that performance.
CD: Kontestan yang paling unik, penampilannya cukup oke. (7/10)

7. Lee Dewyze – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
ED: I love the tone of your voice. It was a great song till it felt pushed.
RJ: I didn’t like the song for you. You are more of a harder rocker. It didn’t quite work for me.
KD: who knows what she said.
SC: This was the best performance of the night. You are a naturally, good singer. You are going to do really good in this competition.
CD: Calon kuda hitam nih.. mirip ama Kris Allen? hehe.. tampil dgn gitar, the best so far! (7/10)

8. John Park – “God Bless the Child”
SC: You have to have an incredible voice to take on that song and you haven’t. It cam over as flat and zero emotion. It was a pointless performance.
KD: I agree with Simon. You have a big voice in there and there was no connection. It was sleepy at times and indulgent.
RJ: It made you feel old and all out of sorts.
ED: I don’t know why you picked that song. A different song would show who you are.
CD: I Like John Park.. tapi entah kenapa dia bawain lagunya yang agak tua, penampilannya terlalu ‘aman’, kurang eksplor. (6/10)

9. Michael Lynche – “This Love” by Maroon 5
ED: You have so much personality. I thought it was a great song choice. A few small pitch problems.
RJ: I like you, I like your persona.
KD: It was depressing in here till that. It wasn’t outrageously great. SC: You were the small act before the main act. You delivered so little on that performance. You have to nail the song and make people listen to you as an artist.
CD: Salah satu kontestan yang sering disorot, sayang secara vocal biasa aja, cuman punya personality yang OK kayaknya agak susah buat Big Mike utk lanjut… (6/10)

10. Alex Lambert – “Wonderful World” by James Morrison
SC: I don’t know who was happier for that to end. That was the most uncomfortable performance of the night. If you can’t get your nerves together, this is never going to work for you.
KD: I want to give you a hug right now. Your tone is crazy but it you aren’t all together. You have potential.
RJ: You have the voice and tone. You need to pull it all together. I hope you stick around.
ED: I like you too. I like you are holding onto the mullet. You have a great voice.
CD: Can we have more Lambert on the show? hehe.. sayang penampilannya seperti nyanyi di Karaoke… (6/10)

11. Casey James – “Heaven” by Bryan Adams
KD: I didn’t recognize you with your shirt on. You are “eye” candy but you are also “ear” candy
ED: I could feel Kara undressing you with your eyes. You sounded great. You will get votes like crazy.
RJ: Great song choice. Great voice. I like you too.
SC: We are both cursed with good looks. You picked the right song. It came over as honest and likable
CD: Pastinya Casey jadi kontestan yang paling cakep dan bikin Kara fell in love. hehe. Dia juga bisa buktiin kalo juga bisa nyanyi. One of the best performance! (8/10)

12. Andrew Garcia – “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy
SC: I was looking forward to you more than anyone else but I was disappointed. To serious, to indulgent. You didn’t take a risk tonight.
KD: You did take a risk but that song isn’t meant to be acoustic. You are great though.
RJ: The arrangement was strange for me. Go back to being you.
ED: I am thrilled you are on the show.
CD: Finalis yang juga paling digemari ini sayangnya tidak bisa menunjukkan performance yang bikin kita terpesona ketika dia bawain lagu ‘Straight Up’ milik Paula. Tapi yang pasti Andrew masih lolos utk minggu depan.. (7/10)

Well, siapa yang kira2 bakal tereliminasi besok? kalau pilihan CD adalah: Todrick Hall dan Joe Munoz.

Kita tunggu update beritanya….

Dan yang harus pulang minggu ini adalah… Joe Munoz dan Tyler Grady!

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