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American Idol 9 Top 12 Girls Performances & Result
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 12 Girls Performances & Result 

It’s a girls night! American Idol 9 dimulai dengan tampilnya 12 finalis cewek yang bakal sing for their lives utk pertamakalinya! Dan tanpa basa-basi.. Ini dia review penampilan mereka: SC (Simon Cowell), KD (Kara DioGuardi), RJ (Randy Jackson), ED (Ellen Degeneres), CD (Creative Disc).

1. Paige Miles – “Alright Now” by Free
SC: “I think you have the best voice…I wouldn’t have chosen that song.” He calls it a wedding singer kind of song. “You’ve got to believe in yourself” “You’ll be fine”
KD: “You slayed it.”
RJ: “You did a great job.”
ED: “You were so there, you were so present… I did like the song…I thought you pulled it off.”
CD: Not bad buat opening, sayang pilihan lagunya kurang begitu dikenal. (6/10)

2. Ashley Rodriguez – “Happy” by Leona Lewis
KD: “Big song…nice moments…you hit those notes…but there were moments that weren’t great…I want you to take on some different songs.”
RJ: “You’re always going to be compared to those singers…it wasn’t really you.”
ED: “I’d like to see you step out and do something that’s a whole diff vibe…Take a risk” SC: “I thought it was clumsy…I think you are going backwards…just somebody who sings other people’s songs…I’m afraid you’re in trouble tonight.”
CD: Err, can she sings? Di awal lagu, Ashley sepertinya agak ragu2 dan mungkin pilihan lagunya juga kurang pas buat vocalnya, dan sepertinya dia bakal jadi bottom 2 (5/10)

3. Janell Wheeler – “What About Love” by Heart
RJ: “Wasn’t my fav song choice for you…I like your voice…the song didn’t work for you..”
ED: “I like the song choice and you sang it very well, I also like the way she moved on stage.”
SC: “You gave it 100 percent effort and delivered 65%, You went off key when you got excited, but I think you are going to survive this week”.
KD: “The song is way too big for you…it takes everything distinct away from your voice.”
ED: “You didn’t sound original on a song that did not suit you.”
CD: Sekali lagi, masalah pilihan lagu, agak kurang pas bawainnya. (6/10)

4. Lilly Scott – “Fixin’ A Hole” by the Beatles
ED: “I think that’s what we’re talking about…such a random song choice… you have such a unique voice.”
SC: “Definitely the best we’ve had so far… but I’m not feeling much star power from you.”
KD: “You are believable…you feel at ease… everyone is going to remember you tonight.”
RJ: “I love that you’re a real indie artist… you don’t care what people think…it’s not affected…love the honesty.”
CD: Yup, Lilly adalah kontestan yg paling unik, sapa yang gak bakal lupa dgn rambut putihnya? Walau pilihan lagunya sepertinya biasa aja, tapi penampilannya sambil bawa gitar kemarin lumayan menarik perhatian. (7/10)

5. Katelyn Epperly – “Oh Darlin’” by the Beatles
SC: “It was very messy, but I like you, quirky interesting, brave. I like you a lot.”
KD: “You know you’re voice very very well…You know what you’re doing…you switched it up in a way…I don’t like the makeover”
RJ: “You pay attention to the tone…the tone and the melody is the art of singing…I like the whole makeup thing…don’t box yourself in.”
ED: “It was interesting to me…you made me want to listen…I felt it was pushed, but you have an amazing voice.”
CD: Well, Katelyn definetly can sing better than her makeup! hehe. Walau penampilannya tidak mempesona, setidaknya agak mendingan lah. (6/10)

6. Haeley Vaughn – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles
KD: “There were some technical issues…you’re very pure…you make up for what you can’t do with your vocals.”
RJ: “I love that unpredictability….When you hit those high notes…the sound isn’t quite as pleasing as it could be…you’re so bold.”
ED: “You have so much presence on stage…you just shine…I think you have a great voice.”
SC: “I thought it was verging on terrible. You were like a windup doll that never stopped smiling. A complete and utter mess.”
CD: Not so bad, penampilanya emang biasa aja, tapi Haeley punya kharisma tersendiri! (6/10)

7. Lacey Brown – “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac
RJ: “I just don’t think it was the right song for you…I thought it was terrible…it was pitchy all over the place.”
ED: “I think you’re better than that…there were some moments where you got lost.”
SC: “I actually thought it was quite depressing…indulgent…you’re trying to work out who you are…it was just boring.”
KD: “You usually hit those notes….I do hope that America gives you one more shot.”
CD: Sepertinya Lacey agak demam panggung nih, penampilannya agak kacau, vocalnya cukup pitchy. (6/10)

8. Michelle Delamor – Fallin’ by Alicia Keys
ED: “That was fantastic, It was safe, it seemed so easy for you…you have more in you…but still amazing,”
SC: “You’re a very professional singer…I think you need to do something to make you seem different…you’ve done enough.”
KC: “You look very professional…it needs to be immaculate…you need to make it more unique…you can get there.”
RJ: “It was a tough song to do…you do have more in you…take some risks.”
CD: Akhirnya ada juga yang bawain lagu cukup popular dan modern! (7/10)

9. Didi Benami – “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson
SC: “I think you are a good singer…too many people trying to sing like Adele and Duffy…I’m missing a spark here…something that excites me…”, “You’re first kiss has got to be something you’ll remember,”
KD: “The song is good….you at last made some changes to the original recording.”
RJ: “Where is the star factor? The song is cool…you sounded great singing… but so sleepy for me.”
ED: “For that first impression, it was a little low-key, but you’re great.”
CD: Agak aneh ngeliat Didi tampil tanpa bawa gitarnya, dan sepertinya dia emang pas bawain single2 indie seperti ini, walau mungkin secara komersial nantinya tidak begitu sukses. Tapi penampilannya bagus! (7/10)

10. Siobhan Magnus – “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak
KD: “I kinda liked you on that song….it gets a little nasal at’re really in the moment…it sets you apart.”
RJ: “You got these big pipes…you’ve got a great voice…I’d reach for bigger things for you.”
ED: “I loved it…I really liked it a lot.”
SC: “You really are a funny little thing….It wasn’t as good as the Stevie Wonder song…it’s a very very dark song….blowing glass would make you dark.”
CD: Siobhan tampil bagus, apalagi dia tampil beda dengan waktu di audisi, walau agak dark, tapi cukup meyakinkan! (7/10)

11. Crystal Bowersox – “Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette.
RJ: “You are one of my favs tonight…I just love the honesty…doesn’t even matter what the song’re going to do your thing.”
ED: “We’re lucky you decided to audition…I’d vote for you, I want to see more of you.”
SC: “There are thousands of you doing that outside of subway stations…you’re doing a sound alike. You have to make it your version.”
KD: “I think you have greatness in you..I didn’t see it as much tonight…not be just a coffeehouse performer…you need to fill the have it in you.”
CD: Dengan modal bawa gitar dan harmonica, juga bawain lagu Alanis, bener kata Simon, Crystal tampil seperti penyanyi di pinggir jalan (atau Subway), setidaknya dia tidak tampil nervous. (7/10)

12. Katie Stevens – “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble
ED: “It was good, it was very conservative, but I want to see you be 17…a little old for you…but you’re great.”
SC: “It was like your mom and dad had dressed you for this audition, you started to become annoying…very pageanty.”
KD: “I’ve never heard you be pitchy…you were all over the place…but you have ridiculous chops..I hope America gives you another chance.”
RJ: “All the notes went a little sharp..”
CD: Finalis paling cakep menurut gw, sayang pilihan lagunya terlalu ‘tua’ dan sepertinya dia tampil paling akhir, yang biasanya jarang tereliminasi. (6/10)

Overall, itu dia penampilan ke-12 finalis cewek. Kalau dibandingkan dengan waktu audisi, Hollywood Week sepertinya agak mengecewakan. Mungkin karena mereka nyanyi secara LIVE dan juga pilihan lagunya yang sepertinya kurang up-to-date, dan kurangnya lagu ‘POP’. Untuk juri Ellen Degeneres yang tampil utk pertamakalinya ini juga sepertinya agak gugup, dia juga cukup sering mengulang kata2 dari para juri lainnya. Kabar baiknya adalah, acara 2 jam ini mendapat share rating 8.9 dengan total 24 juta penonton!

Well, siapa yang kira2 bakal tereliminasi besok? kalau pilihan CD adalah: Paige Miles dan Ashley Rodriquez.

Kita tunggu update beritanya….

Dan setelah Result Show digelar.. yang harus pulang adalah.. Janell Wheeler dan Ashley Rodriquez!

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