American Idol 9 Top 10 Boys Performances & Results

Oleh: welly - 03 Mar 2010


1. Michael Lynche - “This Is A Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown

RJ: I feel like right now this season is starting to get rolling. Dawg I have got to give it to you. R&B star.

ED: I have liked everyone song choice so far. That was the one to beat. The way to start off the night.

KD: I did not get it until tonight. You went from being a singer to someone who could be a great artist. I am feeling it.

SC: From a pussycat to a lion in one week. The right kind of song for you. It suited you and it didn’t sound dated. Your best performance in the competition.

CD: Michael tampil beda! Kali ini dengan gaya soulful yang emang menonjolkan vocalnya, bener2 emotional! (7/10)


2. John Park - “Gravity” by John Mayer

RJ: That was your vibe but you didn’t bring anything new to it. It was flat and there was some pitch problems.

ED: It was the right song choice. You got into it more than in rehearsal. Feel the song a tiny bit more.

KD: Way better than last week. I lack the connection with you. I don’t always believe it. You need to let loose. You are a little bit safe.

SC: I think Purple Haze may get their lead singer back this week. I struggle with the believability. In 20 minutes time we will forget that performance.

CD: Ouch! What's wrong with John Park? Dia nyanyi kayak karaoke-an aja... sayang banget. (5/10)


3. Casey James - “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw

RJ: I love you channeling like Hendrix. I don’t know if you did the best vocal but this is the type of record I would make with you.

ED: You can’t go wrong with the song. I love your look and I love you sound. You need to move more on the stage. I want you to perform more.

KD: The cougar is a fan but tonight you took 2 steps backwards. The notes were off on the bottom and you didn’t take the song to another level. Still a fan though.

SC: I am kind of with Kara. This week you turned into someone you would see in any bar in America. You don’t have the grit in your voice to make that work.

CD: Who can beat Elliot Yamin version of this song? Bo bice, Chris Richardson pun juga sudah bawain ini... tapi Casey James tidak bisa bawain lebih baik.. standard. Tapi dia berhasil nunjukin kalo dia jago main gitar.. (6/10)


4. Alex Lambert - “Everybody Knows” by John Legend

RJ: Such an improvement over last week. You found your own niche a little bit. Way legit tonight.

ED: Someone took the unripe banana and put it in a paper bag. So much better than last week. You have such a great voice. You have a unique style.

KD: You have an incredible recording tone. You will learn how to use it. Great improvement.

SC: That was a million times better than last week. You should only be nervous if you are useless and you are not.

CD: Wow! Great improvement! Bawa gitar dan tampil keren banget! Best performance so far! (8/10)


5. Todrick Hall - “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner

Judges Thoughts : (R) The falsetto run at the end was hot. I didn’t love this. Sing a nice song and just sing it. (E) Sing and move. Use your strength, your a dancer. I don’t think it was the right song. That song didn’t help you get any votes. (K) We all like you. When you started moving, it got better. I don’t get it, what happened to Todrick. (S) Todrick, move but don’t sing. This is not working out at all for you.

CD: Hmm.. kenapa selalu pilih lagu cewek yah? Sayangnya, penampilannya gak asik nih. (5/10)


6. Jermaine Sellers “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

(R) Better than last week. It was so close but so far. It just wasn’t a great performance. Another tough song to sing. You needed to pull it back more. (E) I love your style but it just didn’t work for me. You pushed to hard again. (K) You are hitting some crazy notes but you are doing to much. Pull back and look for the meaning of the song. It feels forced. (S) We’re frustrated. You water down the songs. No one can take you seriously as an artist.

CD: Pilihan lagunya yang susah! What's going on with Jermaine? Mestinya dia bisa pilih lagu yang lebih modern dan bawain lebih bagus daripada ini. (6/10)


7. Andrew Garcia - “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison

(R) Honestly, that wasn’t the vibe for you. It was pitchy all over the place. I didn’t get it. (E) I thought there were a couple of little pitch problems but I liked it. I am still a huge fan and I thought you were really good. (K) Since your Paula song it has been straight down. You have to surprise us. You played it too safe. We need another big surprise. (S) You are lacking something. Not choosing the right song again is a problem. It was just ok and you are better than ok.

CD: Err.. Sayang banget penampilan Andrew Garcia kayak karaoke-an juga nih, gak bawa sesuatu yang baru di lagu ini. (6/10)


8. Aaron Kelly - “My Girl” by The Temptations

(R) I didn’t know if I was going to like this. Dude you can really sing. That was 200% better than last week. (E) A whole lot more confidence. You sing well but the song is a bit forgettable. You do have a great voice. (K) I really liked it and I like you. You are consistent. You have control. You are doing better and better. (S) I didn’t like the song. It was all over the place. You went backwards. You have to work out what kind of artist you want to be. The arrangement was too old fashioned.

CD: Umurnya gak beda2 jauh dengan Justin Bieber.. tapi kenapa pilihan lagunya tua2 yah... tapi kayaknya masih bertahan terus nih karena banyak fansnya. (6/10)


9. Tim Urban - “Come On Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson

Judges Thoughts : (R) I didn’t get it. It was very karaoke for me. Some pitch problems, nothing jumped out. (E) You should act. You should be on Glee. Girls would love you. If you act, yo have it made. (K) I liked the song choice but you didn’t make it your own. You look the part, you play the part but it’s not all there yet. (S) I think that was a much improvement from last week. You picked a young song. You were more relevant than the other singers. I am impressed with your performance, your attitude and work ethic.

CD: Gak ada kemajuan dari minggu lalu, cuman nilai plusnya hanya dia bawa gitar ajah.. (6/10)


10. Lee DeWyze - “Lips Of An Angel” by Hinder

(R) Bold Move. I liked it. I am a huge fan of yours. A couple of pitch problems but I liked it. (E) A couple of little pitch problems but it didn’t matter cause it came out as a great performance. It was great. (K) I thought it was a big improvement from last week. Some pitch problems still this week but I could hear you on the radio. Your look is commercial. (S) Raise your shoulders. Vocally you are head and shoulders above everyone else. You may be the one to beat.

CD: Lee bener menunjukkan kalo dia jadi 'kuda hitam' di group cowok! Good! (7/10)

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