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American Idol 9 Top 10 – Soul and R&B Night
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 10 – Soul and R&B Night 

Mentor minggu lalu, Miley Cyrus memang agak diragukan kredibilitasnya.. dan hasilnya emang cukup ‘ancur’. Untunglah minggu ini Usher terpilih menjadi mentor sekaligus menjadi ajang promosi album terbarunya “Raymond vs Raymond”. So here we go….

Komentar: RJ (Randy Jackson), ED (Ellen DeGeneres), KD (Kara DioGuardi), SC (SImon Cowell), CD (CreativeDisc), AI (Ai Hasibuan)

1. Siobhan Magnus – Through The Fire by Chaka Khan
RJ: Big song. Didn’t quite catch on pitch wise. It was all over the place. I like the outfit though. Wasn’t your best.
ED: I agree with that. I love you but it wasn’t your best performance. KD: I think you got nervous up there. Parts worked but other parts weren’t there. Every performer has an off night.
SC: It sounded like you were running a marathon and singing while out of breath. It was all over the place. You look all over the place.
CD: Worst performance by Siobhan… entah kenapa gak cocok banget.. (6/10)
AI: Ga suka penampilannya minggu ini. Lagunya bagus, suaranya bagus tapi begitu banyak nada yang melenceng. Untuk urusan penampilan, aku udah suka noraknya Siobhan, jadi kalau bisa jangan diubah. (7/10)

2. Casey James – Hold On I’m Coming by Sam and Dave
RJ: This was another hot night for you. You stayed in your element. A perfect selection for you.
ED: You are always good. I loved your vocals. It felt a little generic. You sang it great but that is a safe zone for you.
KD: You have more range. I want to see you go back to an acoustic guitar.
SC: It was your strongest week you have had so far. It showed a completely different side of you as an artist.
CD: Standard banget.. safe performance (7/10)
AI: Totally awesome! Gampang untuk suka penampilan Casey. (9/10)

3. Michael Lynche – Ready for Love by india.arie
RJ: I like the guitar. Beautiful ballad. You are in the zone. I am loving every performance.
ED: That was beautiful. I loved it.
KD: I have never heard that song but you did an incredible job with it. It was tasteful and lovely.
SC: This is probably the first time I can actually take you seriously as an artist. You were original. You did a terrific job.
CD: Agak boring nih.. (6/10)
AI: Bagus tapi BO-RING! (6/10)

4. Didi Benami – What Becomes of a Broken Heart by Jimmy Ruffiin
RJ: I love this song but the whole performance flat lined for me. It just wasn’t great. I didn’t get it.
ED: It was dramatic. I love your voice and I am a fan but it was way dramatic.
KD: It’s overdone. This is very confusing. It leaves me puzzled.
SC: It was like swimming in jelly. It was so over the top, so old fashioned, it just didn’t do it. You have lost your way.
CD: Duh, napa penampilan Didi makin lama makin jelek? (5/10)
AI: I like it, i feel the connection. Ini jauh lebih berasa ketimbang minggu lalu. I like it! (8/10)

5. Tim Urban – Sweet Love by Anita Baker
RJ: It felt pedestrian not American Idol. At least you sang in tune. It had no vibe, no swag. You can put a little grease on it.
ED: I am going to call you adorable. Man I kept asking why you picked that song. You were singing like you were sneaking in a bedroom.
KD: It was like broadway at times, Vegas at times. You took the soul out of the song. I don’t understand why you keep doing this.
SC: It doesn’t matter what we say. Inappropriate song. Your going to smile and the audience will vote for you and you will be here next week.
CD: Tim Urban masih tampil kacau setiap minggunya, apakah para fans nya bakal vote buat dia? hmmm (4/10)
AI: Lebih baik dari minggu lalu, jelas. Kenapa banyak yang enggak suka ya penampilannya? Padahal aku suka banget Tim minggu ini. (7/10)

6. Andrew Garcia – Forever by Chris Brown
RJ: Andrew is back. I love the outfit. It is your best performance for me in a long time.
ED: That was an amazing strong performance.
KD: That is one giant leap in the right direction.
SC: Miles better than what we have heard from you over the past couple of weeks but as a person you come over as very boring. You have to show some personality.
CD: This is what Andrew Garcia should bring every week! Great! (8/10)
AI: I’m in love with his performance. (8/10)

7. Katie Stevens – Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin
RJ: The performance was disconnected but it was one of the best vocals of the night. The song started rough. You need to connect it all together.
ED: I thought the vocals were great. I wish the song had been a little bit more current. I want you to make the song young.
KD: You found where you belong. This was one of your best vocal performances. You still need to make it young.
SC: It was pretty good. It was robotic and you came over as quite cold. You have to make it fun.
CD: Terlalu safe dan agak sedikit boring. (6/10)
AI: Mengingat Katie berada di 3 terbawah minggu lalu sepertinya penampilan minggu ini juga akan berbuah sama. Aku bilang lagi, BO-RING! (6/10)

8. Lee DeWyze – Treat Her Like A Lady
RJ: Unbelievable. Best I have heard you in weeks. That was the bomb.
ED: Now the night has started. Best of the night.
KD: It could be on your record. Amazing.
SC: I have always believed in you. This was the night your life may have changed forever.
CD: This is the Main Attraction for the Boys! (9/10)
AI: 3 B, bagus-berani-bijak! (9/10)

9. Crystal Bowersox – Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips
RJ: I love the outfit. I like how you switched it up. Another great performance.
ED: You are always great. You are in it to win it.
KD: I am so glad you took that risk. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
SC: Your song choice was sensational. Your vocals were great. The backup vocals made it old fashioned. Don’t let this process suck the identity out of you.
CD: Crystal playing Piano? Wow! Excellent… Best so Far! (9/10)
AI: Yeaaaaaa….. Crystal cantik minggu ini. Tanpa gitar juga tetap mempesona! (9/10)

10. Aaron Kelly – Aint no Sunshine by Bill Withers
RJ: Started a little rough but it worked itself out a bit. I was alright. ED: I thought it was a good song choice and a good job.
KD: I liked it. I wasn’t in love with it but I liked it. (
SC: I am not jumping out of my chair. It wasn’t as good as last week but there is no chance you will be leaving the competition.
CD: The Best so far From Aaron Kelly. (7/10)
Aaron menutup malam ini dengan sangat sempurna. I enjoy the night! (8/10)

Creative Disc Bottom 3: Didi Benami, Tim Urban, Michael Lynche…
Prediksi yg bakal pulang: Tim Urban
AI: Banyak 8 dan 9 yang aku kasih minggu ini. Karena aku enjoy. Untuk 3 terbawah prediksiku adalah Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, dan Didi Benami. Yang harus pulang ( *sambil nangis sesenggukan* ) Tim Urban.

Tunggu RESULT SHOW besok pagi secara LIVE! Follow us @creativedisc

Ruben Studdard performs “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More”
Diddy, Dirty Money perform
Usher & perform “OMG”

Next Week: The Top 9 will sing the Lennon/McCartney songbook.
Bottom 3: Katie Stevens, Didi Benami, Tim Urban

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