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American Idol 9 Top 8 Boys Performances & Result!
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 8 Boys Performances & Result! 

Here’s your Top 8 Idol Boys…
Comment by:
RJ: Randy Jackson, ED: Ellen DeGeneres, KD: Kara DioGuardi, CD: Creative Disc, AI: Ai Hasibuan

1. Lee DeWyze – Fireflies by Owl City
RJ: It was a strange choice. A couple of pitch problems but you made it your own and made it work.
ED: I think a lot of people like you… you’re adorable.
KD: You look confident. I have been waiting for you to step up. You made the song a better song.
SC: I don’t think you had a moment with that song. You have a great chance of making the Top 12.
CD: Not so good rendition of the song… terdengar agak aneh, sedikit kemunduran buat Lee (6/10)
AI: I like this performance, seperti mendengarkan lagu pop dengan vokal rock. Great way to start the competition. (7/10)

2. Alex Lambert – Trouble by Ray LaMontagne
RJ: Good song choice for you but I am not sure you wowed me with it. A little to fast for me.
ED: You are becoming a mushy banana. You are consistently getting better and better. I love your innocence.
KD: The only thing standing in the way of you winning is you. I know exactly who is singing when you sing but you are still stiff. Be you, let go.
SC: I agree. You have to get yourself mentally somewhere else. You never relax and seem to have a good time. You have a really good distinct voice.
CD: What’s wrong with her hair? I think Alex Lambert literally… in trouble! (5/10)
AI: It’s another good week for Alex. Love the voice love the look. (7/10)

3. Tim Urban – Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
RJ: You walked in some pretty big shoes and I think you did good.
ED: That was fantastic. You sounded so good. (and.. She Hugged Tim)
KD: I thought you would be home a few weeks ago but now I think you may be in the top of the boys right now.
SC: I feel responsible for you doing well tonight. This week was very smart with that song. For you it was terrific.
CD: Well, pilihan lagu yg tepat! Walau sebenarnya rendisinya kurang begitu bagus, tapi cukup mengena! Dan kurasa Ellen memeluk Tim itu terlalu berlebihan! (7/10)
AI: He is IT! Aku rasa Hallelujah cukup untuk membuatnya aman minggu ini. (7/10)

4. Andrew Garcia – Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera
RJ: Very interesting song choice. It didn’t quite work for me. It was pitchy. It didn’t go anywhere.
ED: I thought it was a great song choice. I thought the end is where you surprised us. People will love it.
KD: You are in a hard position. You peaked already. I couldn’t hear you till the end. It just wasn’t great.
SC: It was a little bit desperate. You didn’t feel comfortable. You kind of went backwards.
CD: Andrew is not the best singer! Sayangnya dia masih dibawah bayang2 lagu ‘Straight Up’ yg keren banget.. sedangkan disini, tdk ada beda dgn versi yg asli.. (6/10)
AI: Agak membosankan. Agaknya Straight Up moment tidak terulang untuk kedua kalinya. (6/10)

5. Casey James – You’ll Think Of Me by Keith Urban
RJ: It was a safe choice. Don’t pull away from the vocals. It wasn’t amazing.
ED: I thought it was great. You are more comfortable sitting down.
KD: I am kind of back on the Casey train. I still wanna see more from you. I am missing that spark.
SC: It was your second best. It made you sincere.
CD: Sepertinya Casey lebih cocok ke arah ‘Country’ ketimbang ‘Rocker-wannabe’. (7/10)
AI: Dari semua penampilan yang ada, aku hanya berani jamin Casey yang masuk ke 12 besar. (8/10)

6. Aaron Kelly – I’m Already There by Lonestar
RJ: You have the makings of a great artist. When you hit your power zone, you can sing. Job well done.
ED: I love you. You stand like you are 30. That was a tough song and it was to much song for you. Don’t think it was terrific.
KD: You give it your all but that song isn’t relevant to your age.
SC: It is a beautiful song. It was the right type of song. Wasn’t a great vocal but it had emotion.
CD: 3 minggu berturut2, Aaron tak bisa tampil maksimal! Kali ini pitchy dimana2… (5/10)
AI: Untuk masuk ke 12 besar, sepertinya sekedar bagus saja masih tidak cukup. I will be so sad if Aaron couldn’t make it to the Top 12. (6/10)

7. Todrick Hall by Somebody To Love – Queen
RJ: Todrick is back. What you did is prove you can sign. That was one of the best vocals I have heard all night. I loved it.
ED: You are a brave young man. It worked as a gospel song. You did a good job.
KD: That was good singing. It was like Glee.
SC: I would say it was good in parts not the whole way through. You are a broadway singer. At least you made an attempt to perform and it may have saved you.
CD: Hmm.. akhirnya Todrick berhasil membuktikan bahwa dia layak masuk ke Top 12 Boys, tapi apakah bisa lanjut minggu depan? (7/10)
AI: I hate to say this, but he sounded really good. Sepertinya Todrick akan berada di posisi aman. (7/10)

8. Michael Lynche – This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush
RJ: I have to give it to you again. It was dope,it was unbelievable. That was hot.
ED: Oh my god that was so beautiful. You are the one to beat now.
KD: You were amazing. It was so relevant for you. It was amazing (and crying…)
SC: This was so needed tonight. You come out and you 100% nailed it. Best performance this season.
CD: Great performance ever di AI 9 kali ini… seandainya saja semua perform seperti ini.. hehe (9/10)
AI: Siapapun yang memilih Michael sebagai penutup, aku ucapkan terima kasih. Best of the night. (8/10)

Siapa yang bakal tereliminasi besok?
CD: Based performance minggu ini, sepertinya Alex Lambert dan Aaron Kelly.
AI: Susah memprediksi 2 dari cowok ini untuk tersisih. Based on tonight performances, I think America will voted Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly off. Semoga enggak.

Yang pulang adalah: ALEX LAMBERT dan TODRICK HALL!

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