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American Idol 9 Top 6 – The Music of Shania Twain
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 6 – The Music of Shania Twain 

Setelah acara Idol Gives Back minggu lalu berhasil mengumpulkan dana sebanyak 45 Juta Dolar, minggu ini kembali ke-6 finalisnya untuk tampil kembali dengan dibantu oleh Shania Twain.
Mari kita simak penampilan mereka..
RJ: Randy Jackson, ED: Ellen Degeneres, KD: Kara DioGuardi, SC: Simon Cowell dan CD: CreativeDisc.

1. Lee Dewyze – “You’re Still the One”
RJ: “One of my favs of all time, you started out pitchy, but you found a way to make it your own. Pretty good job”
ED: “I think you did better than pretty good. It always sounds like your version. You couldn’t look cuter.”
KD: “The sound of your voice on every song makes it sound so relevant. Look how far you’ve come. It was a good job.”
SC: “I thought that was absolutely the perfect song. It started off a little bit hesitant, you were pulling some weird faces.”
CD: Bawa lagu cewe kali ini, Lee agak sedikit ‘struggling’, tapi walau awalnya agak kacau, tapi pas tengah ampe ending not bad! (7/10)

2. Michael Lynche – “It Only Hurts When I Breath”
RJ: “I really think you’ve found your zone. You did a great job, you are in the zone of who you are.”
ED: “I was nervous about your song choice, but it felt like Luther Vandross, I felt your emotion. It was beautiful.”
KD: “Shania is connected when she sings, I always feel that from you. I thought it was great you didn’t change the melody too much. Great job.”
SC: “I thought the performance was a little bit wet, like in a musical acting out the words.”
CD: Setuju ama Simon, ‘wet’ disini diartikan agak ‘girly’ hehe.. bosen juga ngeliat Big Mike tampil gitu2 ajah.. (6/10)

3. Casey James – “Don’t”
RJ: “This is one of the best Casey James performances ever. This could be a great thing in your wheelhouse.”
ED: “You sang that like that’s really where you belong. I actually think it’s your best to date”
KD: “Artists do not hide, you were vulnerable, you were raw. If you keep doing it, you’ll be at the front of this competition”
SC: “I agree this is probably your best performance so far. Last week was a wake-up call. It didn’t feel like somebody else’s song.”
CD: Casey tampil terbaik so far! Semua mendukung, vocal, aransemen, dll.. great! (8/10)

4. Crystal Bowersox – “No One Needs to Know Right Now”
RJ: “I love the nicklecreek version, it wasn’t my favorite performance, I love seeing you try different things.”
ED: “There’s nothing you can’t do. Not my favorite either.”
KD: “It’s impossible for you not to be good. It was believable. Was it your best? No. But still amazing.”
SC: “Shocker we don’t like Crystal this week. I thought it was limp. Something you would expect in a coffee show. I didn’t feel the conviction.”
CD: Setelah minggu lalu tampil minim, kini Crystal tampil dengan para musisi pengiring di kiri kanan, agak sedikit aneh benernya, tapi still nice buat Crystal! (7/10)

5. Aaron Kelly – “It’s in the Way You Love Me”
RJ: “Dude this is definitely your wheelhouse, I think you did a really good job.”
ED: “This is gonna be tough, everybody is doing well. I can’t get over the fact that you’re 16, Then I’m not as impressed! Ha ha. The amount of emotion and depth you showed…good job”
KD: “I completely agree, it was like you really felt those words.”
SC: “I think the last two or three weeks you’ve struggled. Tonight, you were like a different artist. This is the kind of record you should make. It felt sincere, believable…well done”
CD: Hmm… gimana yah, rada ada unsur sentimen ama nih anak, gak ada bagus2nya..tapi kali ini not bad sih performancenya! (7/10)

6. Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”
RJ: “I loved it, I loved the punk country look. I loved it”
ED: “Way to pull the Shania Twain into the staiong. Fantastic.”
KD: “Guess whose back! Siobhan!”
SC: “I thought the song was perfect, I think the screaming in the end went on a little too long, it was almost like you were giving birth up there. But it was fun, it was good.”
CD: Selalu tampil nyentrik, kostum aneh, dan vocal jejeritan di ending emang bikin kuping sakit.. hahaha (6/10)

Prediksi Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche dan Siobhan Magnus.
Dan yang (mungkin) pulang adalah… Aaron Kelly.
Nurut kamu siapa yang bakal pulang besok?

Berhubung besok gak bisa update karena pergi… so sepertinya baca di komen / twitter sudah pada tahu sapa yang bakal OUT! hehe

yang harus pulang malam ini adalah… SIOBHAN MAGNUS! agak shocker emang, apalagi thn ini Simon bilang kalo kontestan cewek lebih bagus2 ketimbang yang cowok, tapi ternyata yang tersisa malah 1 cewek di Top 5.

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