American Idol 9 Top 9 part 2 - Elvis Night

Oleh: welly - 15 Apr 2010

Sembilan Finalis bakal membawakan lagu-lagu dari Elvis Presley. And who is the mentor? It's Adam Lambert!

Lalu gimana penampilan para finalisnya? Simak berikut ini...


1. Crystal Bowersox - “Saved”

(R) That is the way to come out. It was dope. I loved it.

(E) I am tired of telling you how great you are.

(K) Another solid performance. I love the up-tempo. I think you did some good things tonight.

(S) You didn’t pick an obvious song. You didn’t fall into the karaoke trap. It sounded great. Congratulations.

(A) PER-FECT! (9.5/10)


2. Andrew Garcia - “Hound Dog”

(R) That was definitely not good karaoke. I didn’t like it.

(E) I wish you had put a little more swagger into it. You needed to do something like this and I think you pulled it off.

(K) It’s Elvis, you have to own it. The mic was your crutch. There were some nice places but I wanted to hear more from that performance.

(S) Lazy and forgettable. It didn’t feel like a star performance.

(A) Super weird. Bahkan Katharine McPhee yang lupa lirik masih jauh lebih enak didengar. (5/10)


3. Tim Urban - “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

(R) I actually liked it.

(E) I really enjoyed it. I can’t help falling in love with you. That was beautiful.

(K) My favorite Tim performance ever. Current and from your heart. Well done.

(S) You have managed to go from zero to hero in 2 weeks. Clean arrangement, you have grown and you are taking advice.

(A) I love the hair, I love the voice, I love the song, I love the whole performance! I love Tim Urban. (8/10)


4. Lee DeWyze - “Little Less Conversation”

(R) Dude you are in the zone. Another great, amazing performance.

(E) You made that so current. You own that stage and get better and better.

(K) You really went for it and I loved it. Be a little more playful but the vocal was fire.

(S) It was on the money.

(A) Penampilan A Little Less Conversation terbaik di Idol. (8/10)


5. Aaron Kelly - “Blue Suede Shoes”

(R) It started weird.

(E) That was a big song to take on. A for effort. You didn’t get all the way there but good job.

(K) You are out of your comfort zone and I like it. The song felt more current and young and I liked it.

(S) It didn’t make you younger. It was what it was. Someone at a high school doing a concert. You didn’t make it young and it was very Karaoke.

(A) Kenapa banyak yang enggak suka penampilan Aaron minggu ini? Mungkin jawabannya adalah karena lagunya enggak matching. (7/10)


6. Siobhan Magnus - “Suspicious Minds”

Finally! When Siobhan meets Lambert! hehe

(R) You took some risks tonight. The slower part is where you came alive and we heard the big vocals.

(E) You look great. I liked the second half better than the first. You really have a beautiful voice.

(K) Siobhan has 2 voices and it is getting confusing for me. I wasn’t crazy about it.

(S) You were put into a time machine and came back to 20 years ago. The first part of the song was terrible. Some of the big notes you didn’t hit. You lost who you were 2 or 3 weeks ago. Not one of your best performances.

(A) Siobhan takluk dengan lagunya. Aku ga nyangka ini bisa terjadi. Dan teriakannya jinak, sejinak rambutnya minggu ini. (7/10)


7. Michael Lynche - “In The Ghetto”

(R) The song was a little sleepy but those were hot vocals.

(E) I am glad we saved you.

(K) Beautiful song and you sang it well. (S) A million times better than last week and one of my favorites by you.

(A) Damn! Kenapa dia bisa nemu lagu yang tepat. I hate this! Bukan kayak Elvis night, tapi kayak Prince night jadinya. (8/10)


8. Katie Stevens - “Baby What Do You Want Me To Do”

(R) Nice vocals. Very nice. I was entertained.

(E) It is a very horny song. You can sing, it was great.

(K) You just showed us girl.

(S) Loud and annoying. I just didn’t like the song.

(A) Blazin' hot! Mukanya tambah cantik ya? Makin keluar aura bintangnya. Luar biasa menyenangkan! (9/10)


8. Casey James - “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”

(R) You were in the zone. Another solid performance.

(E) I love your voice. You look great. It wasn’t as exciting as I would have like to have seen.

(K) That feel short.

(S) A wasted opportunity.

(A) Antara asyik dan ga asyik. Standarnya Casey sih. Aman ya aman. (8/10)

AI: Elvis sudah berulang2 kali menjadi tema di Idol, dan biasanya sih lagu2 yang itu2 saja yang berulang2 ditampilkan. 2 ummat harus tersisih, satu bisa jadi tepat sasaran satu lagi pasti nyasar. Prediksiku Andrew Garcia dan (maafkan aku, sayang) Tim Urban.

Prediksi CreativeDisc: yang pulang Andrew Garcia dan Tim Urban.. (or there will be surprise?)

Siapa yang menurut kamu bakal pulang besok?

Tunggu update selanjutnya!

Bottom 3: Tim Urban, Michael Lynche dan Katie Stevens!

Yang tereliminasi adalah.. ANDREW GARCIA!

dan... surprisingly! Katie Stevens!

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