American Idol 9 Top 4 - Movie's Night

Oleh: welly - 13 May 2010

Tema malam ini, Movie's Night. Artinya lagu2 yang dipakai adalah Soundtrack film, mentornya lagi-lagi si Jamie Foxx. Ntah karena apa Jamie terpilih lagi, setelah tahun lalu juga dia sudah mementori Kris Allen, dkk. Sewaktu dia membimbing para kontestan, dia memberitahu kalo dia akan memberikan 1 buah T-Shirt dari 2 yang bertuliskan "Contestant" atau "Artist" yang artinya, kalo mereka tampil jelek mereka bakal diberi T-Shirt "Contestant" dan begitu sebaliknya. Simak aja penampilan mereka berikut ini.. Komentar (R) Randy Jackson, (E) Ellen DeGeneres, (K) Kara DioGuardi, (S) Simon Cowell, (CD) CreativeDisc.

1. Lee DeWyze “Kiss From A Rose”

(R) You did nothing with that song. It was pitchy in spots. You are the rocker, be who you are. It didn’t work for me.

(E) More could have been done with the song but you are so good. I love you.

(K) You had a great week last week but this is one of the most difficult songs to sing. You got lost a little, you had some tune issues.

(S) I am with Randy on this. There are so many brilliant songs. That was verging on Karaoke. If you are talking t-shirts, that would be a contestant t-shirt.

CD: Lagu ini agak susah untuk dibawakan ulang, dan sayangnya Lee tidak bisa membawakannya lagi dengan bagus. Awalnya oke, tapi bagian middle hingga ending udah agak gak karuan. Sayang banget. (6/10)

2. Michael Lynche - “Will You Be There”

(R) I didn’t love this for you either. You are an R&B dude and you should have picked something R&B.

(E) You can’t go wrong with a choir behind you. Your goal should be to win not just be in the Top 3. Tonight was a little bit predictable.

(K) Tonight I want goosebumps and I didn’t feel that from you tonight. You played it safe.

(S) It doesn’t make sense. You gave it 100% and I kind of felt that you meant it.

CD: Ranah R&B emang udah teritori yang pas buat Big Mike. Dia bawain lagu Michael Jackson ini dengan soul yang pas! (8/10)

3. Crystal Bowersox & Lee Dewyze “Falling Slowly”

(R) A great song. That could be a hit right now. That’s what I am talking about.

(E) You are the new Captain and Tennille. That was great.

(K) One of my favorite moments of the season.

(S) I would call that a fantastic song.

CD: Duet yang luar biasa! Lagu ini emang sempat dibawakan Kris Allen tahun lalu, dan 2 kontestan yang 'sealiran' ini membawakannya dengan sempurna! (10/10)

4. Casey James “Mrs. Robinson”

(R) You sounded cool but I wasn’t jumping up and down. It was laid back and you didn’t do much with it.

(E) I wish they gave you a big boy guitar. I thought for a minute you were going to go further with it but I liked it.

(K) This is you fighting to stay in the competition. This was a good choice.

(S) I didn’t think the song or performance had the substance required that was needed for you tonight.

CD: Hmm... terasa ada yang aneh dengan penampilan Casey malam ini, lagunya terlalu santai. (7/10)

5. Crystal Bowersox “I’m Alright”

(R) You are an artist. Not my favorite performance but at least you switched it up.

(E) That performance just got Crystallized. You just made it better.

(K) You made the song better.

(S) You are back in the game.

CD: Walau dipuji oleh banyak juri, tapi aku merasa penampilannya agak kurang yah... ntah kenapa, apa karena abis liat dia duet ama Lee tadi (7/10)

6. Michael Lynche & Casey James “Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman”

(R) I love the guitar playing. A little rough vocally.

(E) Yes I have loved a woman.

(K) The duets tonight were incredible. They were better than all of the solo performances.

(S) We should give the artist t-shirts to the duets tonight.

CD: Duet malam ini heboh! Sayang pilihan lagunya kurang asik hehe.. (9/10)

Menurut prediksi CD yang paling kurang penampilannya malam ini adalah Casey James. Tapi CD tetep pingin Michael Lynche yang pulang besok. hehee

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