American Idol 9 Top 5 - Frank Sinatra Songbook

Oleh: welly - 06 May 2010

1. Aaron Kelly “Fly Me To The Moon”

(R) I am looking for who is in to win it. I was so worried about you because you are so young but you did a really great job.

(E) I though the piano was a little pitchy. I felt like you really pulled that off. Beautiful vocals.

(K) I thought it was good but compared to last week it wasn’t as strong but I think you will be here next week. You still need to breakout as a performer.

(S) If Frank was alive you are just a mouse. The vocals towards the end were a bit corny but people like you after you perform. You do try hard.

(A) Kalau banyak yang komentar bahwa Aaron adalah remaja yang terdengar terlalu tua, maka kritikan itu berubah menjadi pujian minggu ini. Mantab! Salah satu penampilan ter-natural yang Aaron pernah berikan. I love this kid. (9/10)

2. Casey James - “Blue Skies”

(R) This was like your worst performance. It was pitchy till the last note. You were out of your element. It didn’t work.

(E) It was a bad idea to have the piano on stage. The whole thing is about being smooth and having swagger. It felt stiff.

(K) It took you a long time to warm up. You held some notes but you kind of sounded like a lamb.

(S) You weren’t fantastic. You came over as embarrassed.

(A) Ada masa dimana kita merasa sial dan seperti kehabisan keberuntungan. Casey berada di masa itu minggu ini. Setelan dan tema minggu ini bukan Casey banget. Tapi dia menghadapi itu semua tanpa resah. Dan aku menghargai semua usahanya minggu ini. (8/10)

3. Crystal Bowersox “Summer Wind”

(R) It was a great arrangement. It was a little sleepy.

(E) At first it sounded like you were swallowing every word. You are impressive.

(K) Out of your element but I kind of liked it. I liked your phrasing. You showed you can hold your own in that department.

(S) The first half was to jazzy. The second half got better but it wasn’t one of your strongest performances.

(A) I've waited so long for this moment to come. Ini adalah moment Diva bagi seorang Crystal. Semua tampak berada dalam jalur yang benar. I love the dress. Penampilan ini menunjukkan kualitas. (9/10)

4. Michael Lynche “The Way You Look Tonight”

(R) Unbelievable vocal. Michael is in it to win it. This is what it is about.

(E) You seem to have the most comfort on stage. You looked the part. You sounded the part. Really good.

(K) You found the drama in the song. You took us on a journey. That’s what this is all about.

(S) The first 3 performances were ok but that has all changed. You listened and everyone worked together on that performance.

(A) Big Mike berada dalam elemennya. Dia benar-benar memanfaatkan minggu ini secara optimal untuk tampil sempurna. Semuanya terasa pas. (9/10)

5. Lee DeWyze “That’s Life”

(R) Another great arrangement. You stayed your rocker self. I loved it.

(E) If this was the last night you would have won the whole thing.

(K) You can win this thing.

(S) Harry brought out your personality, your confidence. It was by far the best performance.

(A) Nothing can stop Lee Dewyze. Tanpa rasa ragu sedikitpun, penampilan Lee benar-benar luar biasa. Semakin cerah jalan menuju ke grand final. Sending all love to Lee! (10/10)

Prediksi AI: I enjoy the night. Siapapun yang tersisih pasti pulang tanpa rasa sedih. 2 terbawah prediksiku adalah Crystal Bowersox dan Casey James. Yang tersisih Casey James. Tapi hal yang tak terduga sangat mungkin terjadi. Hey, ini sudah 5 besar!

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Official Result: Aaron Kelly eliminated!

Performance Result Show: Lady GaGa, Harry Connick Jr.

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