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Tweetainment – 06 May
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Tweetainment – 06 May 

Comon guys. Let’s party!!!! At this club. Wow. Am I lame??
via Twitter for BlackBerry®
RT : No, Nick. You’re just tweeting.

Twitter is like a plant. If you don’t water it, it dies. My Twitter plant is very dry and wilted at the moment.
via Twitterrific
RT : Well you should try to get sprinklers for your account.

Sending thoughts, prayers and wishes of dry weather to everyone in tennessee!!
via txt
RT : Now that’s we call ‘inspiration’.

have had one of these days…you know…..when you wish you didn´t have to get out of bed…..what´s the matter with some days???who are they??:)
via Facebook
RT : Yaolo, ternyata artis juga suka nyambungin akun FB ke akun Twitternya!

Today was amazing. Please Tuesday don’t end.
via Echofon
RT : Jangan maruk dech, Mas… #liat2jam

Talk about unnecessary carbon footprints. Think I might do #meatfreemonday for a year to make up for it. Who wants to join me?
via web
RT : #sembunyikanjari

Brandom: You can’t love your neighbor until you love yourself!!
via web
RT : Pasti ini tweet setelah ada bisik-bisik tetangga.

It always surprises me that as soon as I get back here, my lousy excuse for an accent comes right back. I have no control over it whatsoever
via web
RT : A-I-U-E-O, membantu ga?

(Ai Hasibuan / CreativeDisc Contributors)

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