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Introducing… Mike Posner
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Introducing… Mike Posner 

…Never heard of Mike Posner?
it’s time you found out

In fact, it’s time the world started to discover Mike


Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” is up to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart this week

and is also the Greatest Gainer digitally on the chart


Who is Mike?


“You’ll get all this, with the velvety-smooth falsetto of Timberlake and theproduction skills of Timbaland. He’s a master of the unexpected, but what listeners can expect is to become addicted, and fast.”

[944 Magazine]

“[He leaves]…a lingering impression with his tunes, which employ clever samples and dirty, house party grooves.”


“…unique yet contagious, catchy and current pop sound.”

[Real Detroit Weekly]

“[One of the]…most promising newcomers, bridging the divide between radio pop and suburban hip-hop.”

[NY Post ]

“We find his voice so soothing and hypnotic.”


“The ladies love Mike Posner. Heck, the guys love Mike Posner.”

[Examiner .com]

“…Posner stirs up an intoxicating infectious concoction of hip hop, electro, soul and even of sprinkling of rock ‘n’ roll for good measure.”

[Artist Direct.com]
(Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia)

Official Website: http://www.mikeposner.com

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  1. IV.an

    Ok, lah~ wat 1st singlex cukup ear catchy..

  2. hendra


    tp lebih suka yg ori dr pd single mix nya

  3. ilow

    judul na “coller than me” kan????

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