American Idol 10 Top 7: 21st Century

Oleh: aihasibuan - 22 Apr 2011

Lima cowok dan 2 cewek yang tersisa harus menyanyikan lagu-lagu dari abad ke-21. Dengan tema ini, mereka jadi lebih terdengar "kini" dibanding beberapa pekan sebelumnya yang membawakan lagu lebih lawas. Dan inilah bagaimana show Top 7 berlangsung.

Scotty McCreery – “Swingin” by Lee Ann Rimes.

ST: I love you. I would love you if you just boot scooted a little more. But I liked it.

JL: I love your story telling quality. It’s time to pull out the big guns. We were expecting more from Scotty.

RJ: At this point in the competition it’s who is in it to win it. That was so safe that was boring from you. It could have been a better song for you to sing.

James Durbin – “Uprising” by Muse

JL: That is going to be theatrically the best performance of the night. Amazing. That was the highest we heard you sing.

RJ: I hope you follow this direction when you leave. The whole thing was unbelievable.

ST: Don’t rob my wardrobe. That was crazy good. T-Rex direction. I love that about you.

Haley Reinhart – “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele

RJ: I think you chose a perfect direction for you. I’m really happy that you chose that. You went a little sharp, but a great performance.

ST: I thought it was great. A little slow at start, but you brought it up. I thought it was beautiful.

JL: There were moments that you brought Haley to it. That’s where I thought you really shined.

Jacob Lusk “Dance For My Father” – Luther Vandross

ST: You remind me all the time of why I love music.

JL: It’s hard to perform when a song means that much to you.

RJ: Emotionally it was a great performance. Vocally it was good, but it didn’t make me jump up and down. Don’t hold back any more.

Casey Abrams – “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon

JL: Casey’s not playing fair! Casey’s got soft lips! I loved it….the performance. It was really really great. You took a pop song and took it all the way rock. Good job.

RJ: Always it’s about surprise, surprise surprise. I enjoyed it. Continue to take chances. Amazing job.

ST: You already are a cult hero.

Stefano Langone – “Closer” by Ne-Yo.

RJ: Dude you turned me around. You did a very good job, you smoothed it out. You took your time singing the verses. You worked the dance steps out a little.

ST: I hoped you would dance and you did. Good job.

JL: Speaking for the ladies…You really had your swag going on. It felt like a concert, like a performance. Really good job.

Lauren Alaina – “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans

ST: You’re so good naturally, you have such a great swagger.

JL: you have so much character and color in your notes. Try it…you can do that. Let it out.

RJ: You can sing anything. You don’t think you can sing those high notes…you must believe.

Prediction time. Very likely, Haley Reinhart dan Stefano Langone akan ada di 3 terbawah lagi, bukan karena mereka memiliki penampilan yang buruk, hanya penggemar mereka yang kurang banyak dibanding peserta. Mendampingi mereka bisa jadi Jacob Lusk, sekaligus Jacob yang tersisih. We'll never know.

PERFORMANCES: David Cook and Katy Perry feat.Kanye West


Bottom 3: Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk, and Stefano Langone

Eliminated: Stefano Langone

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