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Oleh: welly - 18 Nov 2011

Top 10 The X Factor USA kali ini mengusung tema Rock Theme! Dimana tema Rock ini emang sedikit rancu, karena beberapa pilihan lagu bukanlah murni 'Rock' ditambah beberapa finalis yang sepertinya emang agak kewalahan di genre ini!

Sebelum lupa, kita ingatkan ada beberapa cara untuk Vote @TheXFactorUSA bahkan untuk luar Amerika. Ini dia 5 Cara untuk Vote:

1. Lewat DM twitter (yang di Indonesia bisa Vote, max 50 kali dan lewat tweetdeck atau web!)

2. Verizon Touch Voting on The Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices

3. Telpon Toll-free

4. SMS ke Verizon Wireless

5. Online di Fans with valid Facebook accounts can also vote at (yang di Indonesia juga bisa vote).

Show dibuka dengan Host Steve Jones yang sayangnya hingga kini masih belum dapat nyatu dengan acara ini, dimana dia sendiri sering kali memotong komentar para juri! Para juri keluar dengan backsound Bon Jovi "Living On A Prayer", but wait.. no Bon Jovi song!

Langsung aja kita simak penampilan ke 10 Finalis minggu ini:

1. LeRoy Bell – Nicole Scherzinger – The Over 30s – “We've Got Tonight" by Bob Seeger

LA: We’re looking for stardom. You look great and sound great, but you aren’t working it like a rock star. I need more.

Paula: You have a beautiful voice. There needs to be more of a connection.

Simon: Nice song, good voice, hearing a new version? Zero. You’re being mentored like a session singer. You should have been a shark. I want you to have a shot at winning. Right now, you can’t win.

Nicole: I believe in you, Tonight was the best you’ve ever sung. (LA and Simon think she’s crazy.) hahaha

2. Rachel Crow – Simon Cowell – Girls - “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones -

LA: Great song. You brought energy to the room.

Nicole: That was the absolute perfect song choice. Favorite performance of all of your performances. You made it look easy.

Paula: You are one of my favorites. I love the way you are starting to connect to the audience.

Simon: Rachel told Simon she wants to win the show, and Simon can see it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win this competition! ”People are going to start to respect you as a singer.”

3. Chris Rene – LA Reid – Boys – “No Woman No Cry” – by Bob Marley -

Penampilan Chris Rene agak kontroversi karena T-Shirtnya yg bertuliskan "Occupy Wall Street" yang sedang ramai demo di USA.

Nicole: I love that song. Very original. I rocked with it, but it’s not my fav performance by you. I was confused with the hybrid.

Paula: Is calling shenanigans on calling Bob Marley “rock”.

Simon: It would have been great if the theme had been reggae music. The theme is rock, LA. Chis says he thinks they flipped it. Flipped it to what? Simon and LA argue some more. LA says he can’t wait to see what Drew sings on Hip Hop week.

LA: You stayed on key. LA defends Bob Marley as rock star.

4. Stacy Francis – Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30s – “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Meatloaf –

LA: You sang that song really well. I’m going to leave it at that. Paula: That was my least favorite song of yours. Your pitch was under. (It turns out Stacy picked the song).

Simon: I thought the song was a horrible choice. That was a pebble. It was soft. Like someone singing at the Hilton Hotel bar with people eating peanuts. This is not a cabaret competition.

Nicole: You were glam rock diva tonight. I don’t know if it was the best song for Rock week, but you continue to rise. Stacy says she wanted to get back to what her fans love.

5. Melanie Amaro – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Everybody Hurts” by REM –

LA: You’re right Simon. That was rock right. I love you. That was so not rock.

Nicole: You sounded beautiful. This is one of my favorite songs, I always cry. But I didn’t. I would have loved if it was a little more raw.

Paula: Melanie, you took us to church. I want to see you let go and let loose now.

Simon: That reminded me of Adele, Alicia Keys. I’m very very proud of you.

6. Josh Krajcik – Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30s – “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters –

Standing ovation from all the judges! THE BEST Performance of the night!

LA: You have the authenticity, stage presence, you picked the right song.

Paula: Everything about tonight worked unbelievably for you. Best of the evening.

Simon: Never ever listen to a single person again. That was bloody fantastic.

Nicole: You took me back. I was in a rock band way back. She thanks Dave Grohl for clearing it.

7. Astro – LA Reid – Boys - “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, and 112 –

Pemilihan lagu yang agak rancu, karena hanya memakai sampling lagu Rock saja.

Nicole: I think that was a very smart song choice. She believes he’s ready at his young age to win.

Paula: Can you just suck for once? You are ready, you are amazing.

Simon: You just took on Puff Daddy. You have more maturity and intelligence than some of the older contestants. You have a shot of winning this.

LA: You knocked it out of the park, you have everything it takes to win, and be an international star.

Astro gives a shout out to Stereo Hogzz and his sister Regan, who has a birthday today.

8. Lakoda Rayne – Paula Abdul – The Groups - “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac –

LA: This is the first time I’ve ever seen you have fun. Does it measure up to your competitors? It was better, but it was not amazing.

Nicole: I think you found your niche–country rock. I want to see you let go even more.

Simon: I thought overall it was a complete mess. I hope America sticks with you. There’s a great performance waiting to happen. The ridiculous choreography was gimmicky.

Paula: They chose the song, and they owned it. (hopeless Paula)

9. Drew – Simon Cowell – The Girls – “With or Without You” by U2 -

LA: You have the most original voice of every contestant we have. I’m still in that place I was last week. I’m pushing for more, the competition is stiff.

Nicole: I was waiting for the tempo to pick up. That was the slowest rock song–I’m frustrated.

Paula: When you have a big fan base, take advantage of it. An uptempo would be nice.

Simon: Tells her to not pay attention. It’s about being unique, appealing to your fan base.

10. Marcus Canty – LA Reid – The Boys – “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin

Nicole: You took on the queen of roots rock and you lit that stage on fire. It was raw, it was you. I know you rocked your church out tonight!

Paula: You are the entertainer of this competition. Amazing.

Simon: Your mentor, the devil just put you in hell. I don’t think the song suited you. This is you pretending to be somebody.

LA: Don’t listen to any of that! You rocked! (Is it?)

OK tunggu Result Show besok yang bakal ada performance dari Rihanna! jam 09.00 WIB (Live) dan bakal disiarkan 21.00 WIB di @BChannelTV !


Rihanna tampil bawain We Found Love.

Bottom 2: Astro dan Stacy Francis

Eliminated: Stacy Francis!

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