The X Factor USA Top 5 Dance's Week & Own Choice

Oleh: welly - 08 Dec 2011

Mendekati final 3, para kontestan The X Factor USA harus diberi

tantangan yang lebih dari biasa supaya kemampuan mereka bisa lebih

tarasah. Pertama, mereka harus menyanyikan lagu sesuai tema minggu

ini, yaitu dance. Kedua, mereka diperkenankan untuk menyanyikan lagu

yang sudah dipersiapkan sebagai lagu untuk sesi "save me".

Dan ini dia penampilan Top 5 minggu ini:

1. Melanie Amaro ‘Someone Like You’

LA Reid: The only thing that bothered me about it was that it was really good.

Nicole Scherzinger: It was a great risk, and you looked and sounded

like the rock star diva.

Paula Abdul: You look absolutely stunning.

Simon Cowell: It wasn’t karaoke. You sound like a diva. You would have

a hit record with that version.

2. Marcus Canty ‘Ain’t Nobody’

LA Reid: Vote vote vote vote vote

Nicole Scherzinger: You took us to church and the dance club at the same time.

Paula Abdul: You performed like it’s the first time we saw you.

Simon Cowell: That was a very very good performance.

3. Rachel Crow ‘Nothing On You’

LA Reid: You are such a star. Who are you singing to? (Rachel: Paula and Nicole)

Nicole Scherzinger: I’m waiting for the Rachel Crow doll to come out

complete with your own bathroom.

Paula Abdul: It was a great song. I love you.

Simon Cowell: I’m waiting for the Nicole doll to come out, the voodoo

doll. Sometimes you need to sell to grandmas on shows like this, but

you are selling to teenagers.

4. Josh Krajcik sang ‘We Found Love’

LA Reid: In the recoding world I could never really see you doing this song.

Nicole Scherzinger: You should how versatile and current you are.

Paula Abdul: You changed it, the production was brilliant.

Simon Cowell: The song was completely inappropriate.

5. Chris Rene ‘Live Your Life'

LA Reid: You keep improving each week. You wrote your own lyrics.

Nicole Scherzinger: I love your spirit and energy.

Paula Abdul: You got the crowd going.

Simon Cowell: The public supporting an artist like you is important.

6. Melanie Amaro ‘When You Believe’

LA Reid: That was safe, but amazing.

Nicole Scherzinger: You gave me goosebumps.

Paula Abdul: This worked.

Simon Cowell: Give this girl some credit LA, she just sang that incredibly.

7. Marcus Canty ‘A Song For You’

LA Reid: Ali go knocked down twice and came back like a champion.

Nicole Scherzinger: Thank you for reminding why we fell in love with you.

Paula Abdul: You are a storyteller.

Simon Cowell: It was good, I’m not jumping out of my chair. It was a bit boring.

8. Rachel Crow ‘Music and Me'

LA Reid: Your vision for you is so inspiring. You’re the star we

always thought you were.

Nicole Scherzinger: You are like an old soul in a 13-year-old.

Paula Abdul: You are such a great role model.

Simon Cowell: Both songs worked.

9. Josh Krajcik ‘Something’

LA Reid: That’s the Josh that I love. I thought it was really good.

Nicole Scherzinger: Josh is like the male Adele. That is Krajcik Magic!

Paula Abdul: You are so special, I am so grateful that we found you.

Simon Cowell: Compared to the first song, this was a massive

improvement. You look “insane” if you look at the playback. Do not

allow any of the crazy choreography around you.

10. Chris Rene ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ (Original Song)

LA Reid: You went back to start singing a song that you wrote. I am so proud.

Nicole Scherzinger: Skies the limit with you.

Paula Abdul: Trust the universe.

Simon Cowell: You’ve got $5 million at stake and you decide to sing

your own song. That was a stroke of genius.

Result Show:

Lenny Kravitz dan Mary J.Blige tampil di Result Show!

Bottom 2: Rachel Crow dan Marcus Canty

Paula Abdul dan Simon Cowell pilih Marcus Canty pulang

Nicole Scherzinger dan L.A. Reid pilih Rachel Crow pulang.

Jadi by People's vote, yang harus pulang adalah.. Rachel Crow dgn jumlah vote paling sedikit.!


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