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CreativeDisc Interview With Keane
Artist Interviews

CreativeDisc Interview With Keane 

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Interview Keane dibagi 2, Tom dan Richard dengan Tim dan Jesse. CreativeDisc mendapat group Tom dan Richard, dan ini dia rekaman Video interview dengan Keane.

Special Thanks to Universal Music Indonesia dan Trilogy Live
Thanks to Cung2 (Interview) and Siddik (Video)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  1. Wendy Diana

    Waaaaaw thanks Creativedisc, Untung dapatnya Tom… Oh God, i just cant forget the great concert.

  2. dundhee

    WOW! 20 min interviewnyaa.. Walopun bareng beberapa media, kayaknya puas yaaa Interview KEANE selama 20 min! 🙂 AWESOME!!

  3. Kiki Nugroho

    Wohoooo!! Exclusive interview. Great job! 🙂

  4. fanny

    ka cung cung envyyy

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