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Oleh: welly - 30 Nov 2012

Demi mengejar ketinggalan, lagi-lagi double elimination yaitu dua finalis yang harus pulang besok tetap diadakan, dan X Factor US 2 ini harus melaksanakan Finalnya sebelum libur tahun baru di Amerika. Dan kali ini mereka membawakan lagu2 yang pernah jadi #1. Juga ada World Premiere Video terbaru dari Will.i.am featuring Britney Spears "Scream and Shout". Simak penampilan mereka :


1. Diamond White – Mentor by Britney Spears – Teens – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

Sepertinya Diamond sudah sering banget membawakan lagu Whitney, dan ini sepertinya merupakan yang ke-3 untuknya, sayangnya minggu ini penampilannya kurang maksimal, agak pitchy.

LA: “I give you an a for effort, B for execution.”

Demi : “It’s fun. You’re a young girl. I really liked it tonight. I’d like to see you bring more to your performance.”

Simon : “She sang, she danced, Every moment of that song you were aware where you were. You hit the right notes at the right time. Demi, I’m going to disagree with you.”

Britney: “Diamond I am so proud of you,”


2. Vino Alan – Mentor by LA Reid – Over 25s – “Lost That Loving Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers

Seharusnya Vino membawakan "If You Don't Know Me By Now" dari Simply Red, tapi L.A.Reid tidak suka sehingga digantikan lagunya. Sayang penampilan Vino kali ini jadi tidak maksimal.

Britney: “I feel like it’s the same thing each week with you.”

Demi : “I agree with Britney, I wasn’t totally entertained.”

Simon: “You have a good singing voice, there are so many amazing songs you can sing. That wasn’t one of them. Then you go into some weird reggae version of the song. It didn’t work.”

LA : “I completely disagree. There were some timing issue, but you did take a risk because you are brave. You are a threat to all of the other contestants.”

Simon : “I’m not playing games. That was not a 5 million dollar performance.”


3. Paige Thomas – Mentor by Demi Lovato – Young Adults – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

Membawakan lagu lama milik Rick Astley ini, Paige cukup tampil bagus dengan membawakan versi ballad.

LA: “That was by far your very best performance. You found your voice, you found your movement. This time you got it right.” “It was a legitimate risk, and I think it worked.”

Simon : “This is the first time you looked and sounded like a legitimate pop star. You look your age. It definitely paid off. This sounded like you making the record. You’ve got to make more decisions about what you do.”


4. Fifth Harmony – Mentor by Simon Cowell – Groups – “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson

Kakek Ally meninggal dan bikin dia sedih. Lagu "Stronger" emang cocok dibawakan dan jadi lagu paling bagus yang pernah mereka tampilkan di X Factor US.

LA: “I thought it was good, but I didn’t hear harmony.”

Britney: “I thought the song really worked for the group.”

Demi : “This was probably one of the best performances you guys are giving. The energy got sucked up because you didn’t move around.”

Simon: “What a fantastic performance you just gave. This is really really really important. I can see you in the charts. Ally, your grandfather would be incredibly proud of you.”


5. Carly Rose Sonnenclar – Mentor by Britney Spears – Teens – “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

Carly Rose jadi favorit pemenang X Factor tahun ini, apalagi minggu lalu dia berhasil berada di Top Vote. Rolling in the deep dibawakan dengan aransemen yang berbeda dan bagus.

LA: “You are insanely talented. For me, that wasn’t your very best performance.” '

Demi: “I’m not even your mentor, and I feel proud of you. I think you are doing amazing.”

Simon : “I thought the first half of the song was good. The second half was sensational. You can sell records. You’re not human, therefore, you may need to be disqualified from this competition. Aliens are not allowed to enter.”

Britney : "I'm proud of you"


6. Tate Stevens – Mentor by LA Reid – Over 25?s – “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban

Kali ini Tate tampil lebih santai dengan memakai gitar dan sedikit berdansa.

Britney : “I’m sure we’ll be seeing you accept a country music award someday.”

Demi : “I want my husband to love me as much as you love your wife. You have so much fun on stage. You’re awesome.”

Simon : “Don’t dance. Didn’t work. The good news is..you’re back with passion. Great song choice. You are so likeable. It’s something you and I have in common.”

LA : “I’m proud of you, that was great.”


7. CeCe Frey – Mentor by Demi Lovato – Young Adults – “Lady Marmalade”

Ini sepertinya minggu terakhir buat CeCe untuk bertahan di X Factor US, walau penampilannya kali ini sedikit lebih baik dari minggu lalu.

LA: “You’re going down, but you’re going down fighting. I actually enjoyed that circus.”

Britney: “You’ve definitely stepped it up a notch.”

Simon: “I felt like I’d eaten 62 portions of chocolate cake. Too much. That’s not going to endear you. Pack a suitcase.”

Demi: “I think you came out swinging. Anyone who thinks that’s too much is older than…well I’m not going to say!”

Sebelum penampilan terakhir dari Emblem Three, ada World Premiere Video dari Will.i.am featuring Britney Spears "Scream and Shout" dari album baru Will.i.am "#willpower". Single ini sekarang berada di #1 iTunes Single Chart. Watch:


8. Emblem 3 – Mentor by Simon Cowell – Groups – “I’m A Believer” by the Monkees

Ketenaran Emblem Three makin merajalela, ketika mereka shopping mereka dikerumuni oleh para fansnya. Yup, meskipun mereka tidak menang sekalipun, Emblem Three sepertinya bakal jadi The Next Boyband yang bakal ngetop. Penampilan mereka kali ini cukup bagus.

LA: “If I were a chairman of a major record label, and which I am. I would sign you…you have the X Factor.”

Britney: “I’m a believer in you guys, but I didn’t like your song.”

Demi: “I dont understand what Simon is doing with you. I don’t think this is genuine. Those boys lost their spark.”

Simon : “You guys have turned into real pop stars. I love your energy. This is one of my favorite performances.”

Result Show

Josh Krajick tampil dengan "One Thing She'll Never Know" .

Paige Thomas tereliminasi karena mendapat vote terendah. Dan 2 finalis yang harus sing off adalah Vino Alan dan Diamond White. Sebelumnya mereka menyanyi, bintang tamu kedua Alicia Keys membawakan "Girl On Fire".

Di sing-off Diamond White membawakan “I Was Here” by Beyonce dan Vino Alan membawakan "Trouble" by Ray Lamontagne.

Dan para juri memilih:

LA memulangkan Diamond White

Britney memulangkan Vino Allan

Demi memulangkan Vino Allan

Simon Cowell memulangkan Vino Alan

Goodbye Vino Alan!

Vote Ratings:

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

2. Tate Stevens

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

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