A Quick Guide To St Jerome's Laneway Festival - 26 Jan 2013

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Tickets – checked; Wayfarers – checked ; Trilby – checked; So, you’ve got the tickets, new clothes ready for your first or annual hipster’s pilgrimage to St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Singapore just a few days away. You probably won’t need any more rehearsing to Gotye’s Official Anthem of 2012 ‘Somebody I used to Know or Of Monster’s & Men ‘Sloom.‘.

The festival prides in providing live music to the special group whose ears bleed to the sound of Bieber& Co. of the POP variety of music. So, be forewarned that you’d be smack in the middle of a crowd who wouldn’t take too kindly if you look lost halfway through the festival not knowing who’s on stage.

The erratic weather may have Jakarta succumbed to waist deep flood but Singapore’s got it’s fair share of bad weather ; although Laneway Festival’s ‘veterans of sorts’ would probably bragged how they braved the rain to dance to !!! and Temper Trap in 2011 as the best Laneway Festival ever. Thus, with the festival just a few days away, we’ll be providing you with the essential tips to enjoy the festival.

What to wear?

Singapore has been alternating between really torrential rain and super hot weather lately. Thus, there is no telling what the powers above have in store for Laneway come Saturday.

TIP: Wear something comfortable. You won’t want to be caught wet in a maxi dress and heels for the girls nor you wont want to be sweating in your skinny jeans and have your oxfords caught deep in the mud.

Light cotton tops &bermudas or shorts would be best. Now’s the time to dig up for those old Chucks too. Keep the Docs, Oxfords at home. The festival ground is in a garden thus if it rains, expect mud. You’ll look a lot cooler dancing like you don’t care.

What to bring?

Umbrella would be a good idea if it rains but when everyone starts opening it up during a concert, it’s impossible to dance without poking someone’s eye.

TIP: Poncho. A colourful one would get you approving nods from music festival veterans.

A 12 hour festival is not a mean feat but the last thing you want to be caught is in a PortaLoo with no TP. Thus, bring the wet wipes.

Zip Loc. For your camera and iPhone. Plus, photos in the rain are highly Instagrammable. #lanewayfestsg #rain #rainshot, etc.

What else?

1. Download the official Laneway Festival app available for Android here & iPhone here

2. You’ve traveled all the way to Singapore to catch Kings of Convenience. It pays to know that surprisingly they’re the first act. So, Know the Playing Times. If you download the app, they even provide alerts so you won’t miss your favourite artistes.

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3. The Gardens by the Bay is pretty huge. With the Supertrees around, you might think you’re in Pandora. So, know your way around. The music may guide you but that few minutes saved may be the difference to front stage.

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Lastly, not everyone are hipsters or have the time to be one. Gotye, Kimbra and Of Monsters & Men may be worth the ticket priceitself but here’s ourpersonal favouritesto catch at Laneway. Plus, the look on your hipster friend’s face when you sing along to their hits will be priceless.


Yes, their name is derived from pressing Alt & J on the keyboard but it’s pronounced ‘Alt-J’, not ‘Alternate – Jay’.

Although the band was formed in 2007, their debut album was only released in 2012. Already, it’s making waves in Britain winning the British Mercury Prize and BBC Radio 6 Music Album of the Year 2012.

Song you may want to know the lyrics to?

Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Tame Impala

Be warned that Drugs are highly illegal in Singapore and trafficking carries the mandatory death penalty. Nevertheless, if there’s a band from Laneway’s lineup that will take you back to hippies’ Woodstock, it’ll be Tame Impala.

Song you may want to know the lyrics to?

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss

Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes is Natasha Khan. Bat For Lashes is like a mix of the eccentricity of Bjork and Annie Lennox haunting you at night.

Song you may want to know the lyrics to?

Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl to Do?

P.S It’ll be cool if you bring along them bunny and wolf masks along.

Kings of Convenience

The main reason I’m there for Laneway Festival this year. Dubbed the ‘Daft Punk of Acoustic Music’, I’m surprised their not considered headliners of Laneway Festival.

It’ll be hard to pick that one song you need to know the lyrics to as it seems almost all their songs are sing along & karaoke material.

Thus, if you have not heard Kings of Convenience, you better start now.

Now, sing-along.

Fadhli Fadzil

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