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Concert Review: Brian McFadden LIVE at Revesby Workers Club, Sydney
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Concert Review: Brian McFadden LIVE at Revesby Workers Club, Sydney 

On Friday, 15th March 2013, Brian McFadden, the ex-Westlife singer, was scheduled to perform his first solo show with his new album, Irish Connection. Just two days after he finished his FIRES LIVE Tour with Ronan Keating in Perth.

Irish Connection was released on 4th March 2013 in Australia wide. For his fans in Indonesia, the album has not released yet but it is confirmed that they are still working on progress to release his Irish Connection album in Indonesia.

The concert was scheduled at 8PM sharp and the setting of the venue was very relaxed, like a pub with tables and chairs. Brian McFadden tweeted, “Just like a wedding!” – Just a few minutes before the show starts. This was not his first show in Revesby Workers Club, back in 2008, he performed here with his album, “Set in Stone.” The concert was open with an opening act of Chris G and it was set in this acoustic sets. The opening act was lasted for an hour and there was an interval in between the opening act and the real show.

Brian showed up at 9PM sharp and his first opening song was Real to Me from his first album, Irish Son – After the song has finished, he baffled around on how this concert looks like singing in the wedding and he also did his stand up comedy about his Ronan Keating accent. Everyone had a laugh about his sense of humor and was continuing to sing along with him to the next 12 songs that he is scheduled to sing.

In the second song, Twisted, the song that he produced and wrote, he forgot some of the lyrics and looked to the audience who were singing along with him to help him remember the lyrics. What was funny that night, when he forgot the lyrics on his own song, he baffled around on how old he is now and that he was easily forgot and everybody in the audience was having a good laugh about it.

In the middle of the show, he was sharing his confusion to the audience with his jokes that he had 5 to 6 songs more to go and that he still got the time when he finished his 5 to 6 songs, so he decided to just talk to the audience and Vogue McFadden, his wife was there to watch him perform alongside with his mates and his band mates.

There’s one funny moment, when he was about to sing Just Say So from his Wallz of Sounds album, when the band started the song, it was up beat tempo, and Brian was singing towards the songs, and he felt something wrong in there, and he was like, “Wait a minute, that is a wrong beat!” and he took off his shoes and sounded to us – the audience “Here comes a bit of reality show!” – then he throw his shoes to his lead guitar player and told him that was a wrong tempo! And all of us in the audience were having a great laugh all about it, then the band slows down the tempo while Brian McFadden still checking if it’s the right tempo or not, then he sing along.

When the audience realized that this song is actually Just Say So in a slow motion, everybody was excited and dance with it, even Brian McFadden it self was teasing us – the audience with his dancing on stage – and his wife was laughing all about it. We were having a real blast that night. In this relax environment, we were allowed to drink alcohol or even eat popcorn during the show, just like a wedding.

He finishes his last song with Flying Without Wings – we can really tell who was the real Westlife fan in the room – we all singing along to this amazing old tunes. He unfold the song into more an acoustic sound which brings the justice to the song really well. For all of us, who misses Brian singing in Westlife, this song can bring those past memories back and made us want to hear more about it. He is been a really great ambassador to Westlife for all his fans and audience in Australia who didn’t really know much about Westlife.

When Brian left the stage after his last song, the audiences left with a big smile on their face and were agree that his humble personality just brings joy and fun to the room and his creativity in his music has made him a true genuine musician.

1) Real to Me (from his first album, Irish Son)
2) Twisted (from his second album, Set in Stone)
3) Dreamers (from his Irish Connection album)
4) 9 Crimes (Irish Connection)
———WestlifeAccoustic Set——
5) Swear it Again
6) Queen of My Heart
7) Chocolate (Irish Connection)
8) All I Want Is You – minus Ronan Keating (in Irish Connection album, he was having a duet with Ronan Keating in this track)
9) Crazy World (Irish Connection)
10) Just Say So – in a slow motion version
11) Nothing Compares 2 U (Irish Connection)
12) Diamonds – (Brian covering Rihanna songs)
13) Flying Without Wings (Accoustic version, last song to finish his concert at Revesby, he said, “Till then, I’m gonna leave you up with this special song in my heart.”

To experience the concert it self, come check out this video:

To see the entire picture from the night, click this link

This review are written by @VaniaChristyR – the owner of Brian McFadden Indonesia Official Fans Club
More further info’s about Brian McFadden, special ones for his fans in Indonesia please follow @McFaddenIndo for more updates of Brian McFadden tailored for all his fans in Indonesia.

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