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Lawson Showcase in Singapore
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Lawson Showcase in Singapore 

On Friday (April 5, 2013), hoards of excited Lawson fans gathered outside St James Powerstation in Singapore, some arriving much earlier than the scheduled time of 7pm, with a line snaking all the way to the front of the venue. Fans could be seen waving their lightsticks enthusiastically and showing their love for the lads to the press cameras.

At 7pm, the doors to the venue opened and continuous streams of fans began entering the venue. The sweltering heat did nothing to dampen the high spirits of the fans. The atmosphere in St James Powerstation was electric. Fans were screaming their adoring love for the lads, some even holding up colourful handcrafted sign and others waving their Chapman Square albums up in the air. As background music played, fans could be seen enthusiastically singing along.

The night’s set started off with ‘Everywhere You Go’ from their debut album Chapman Square and the crowd was on their feet cheering wildly. It progressed on to ‘Gone’, ‘Taking Over Me’ and ‘Make It Happen’, which were clearly fan favorites. They also sang hit tracks off their album like ‘Learn To Love Again’ and their first ever single ‘When She Was Mine’. The crowd could be heard singing along to the lyrics. A showcase is not a showcase without a sing-along-session right? A thrilling good vibe ran through my system when hundreds of voices could be heard singing along to ‘When She Was Mine’. It got even hotter when lead-singer Andy Brown manhandled the microphone during their cover of Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’, and even showed the fans some bromance with fellow bandmate Ryan Fletcher. Lastly, the gig ended off with an amazing version of ‘Standing In The Dark’ that the fans enthusiastically sang along to even though it was nearly 9 in the evening.

The lads looked dashing even though they were dressed in mere t-shirts and jeans and it was no wonder that everyone had their eyes fixed upon them. Front man Andy Brown definitely put on a good show, wowing the audience with his husky voice and acoustic guitar. Guitarists Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher showed off their LAWSOME guitar skills and soulful backing vocals, while the band’s drummer Adam Pitts made sure that not a beat was out of time, skillfully twirling his drum sticks.

All too soon, the night drew to a close and it was definitely hard to say goodbye to the lads who had put up such an amazing show. We will definitely miss the lads in their absence but you can count on the fact that they will definitely be back in Singapore, even bigger and better.

Set list:
1. Everywhere You Go
2. Gone
3. Taking Over Me
4. Make It Happen
5. Learn To Love Again
6. When She Was Mine
7. Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5 cover)
8. Standing In The Dark

Photo & Written by @LawsonSingapore

Special Thanks to Universal Music Singapore

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1 Comment

  1. dundhee

    AAARRGGHH!!! Lawson!!
    Perhaps next year they will come to Indonesia.. Oh, i hope that it’s true.. 🙂

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