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Oleh: welly - 31 Mar 2014

We Are The In Crowd, band Pop Punk asal Poughkeepsie, New York ini terbentuk dari tahun 2009 dengan anggota Taylor Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri, Rob Chianelli, dan Cameron Hurley. Mereka pernah datang dan menggelar konser di Bandung, pada 5 April 2012 lalu. Baca review konsernya disini.

We Are The In Crowd (WATIC) telah merilis 2 album, yaitu Best Intentions (2011) dan Weird Kids (2014) dibawah label Hopeless Records. Dan kali ini kita diberi kesempatan untuk interview mereka via email oleh Hopeless Records. Dan kitapun mengontak fanbase WATIC yaitu @WeAreTheIDCrowd untuk mengajukan pertanyaan kepada mereka. Simak interview kita berikut ini:

- What’s ‘in’ in We Are The In Crowd right now?

Coffee and Grand Theft Auto.

- What is the best thing that has happened to We Are The In Crowd?

That's hard to answer. I like to think many good things have happened to us. But the best? I think Weird Kids.


What is your favorite weird thing about one another?

Jordan's height, Cameron's soft spot for cute animal pictures, Mike's gaming capabilities, and Rob's constant energy.

Tay, how did your sister and family react to ‘Don’t You Worry’ and ‘Windows In Heaven’?

They were really proud of me for opening up in those songs. They all told me that they had been waiting for me to express myself in that way. So I feel really good about it.

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Do you guys lurk your Tumblr tag and find weird things such as this one?

Haha! I've seen that! That is indeed really weird. I mean, I guess that's what kind of fun and scary about the internet. Anything is possible.

If you guys could do a remix or collaboration with any song from Weird Kids, which rapper/pop artist who would it be with, and which song?

I've always wanted to collaborate with Pink. I think doing a song like Come Back Home would be really awesome to remix.

You guys are ‘role models’ or inspiration to many young fans. Any advice on how to embrace being a ‘Weird Kid’?

We are actually inspired by weird people. People that are strange and aren't afraid to use that towards their creativity is the most admirable. Embrace every little thing about yourself that is positive and see what comes of it. Weird it may be, but it is the most of you that you can be. And that is genuine.

In the midst of many bands breaking up, how does We Are The In Crowd stay cohesive and relevant?

We think it's really important to stay connected with our fans online and at shows. That helps a lot. We also communicate with each other. Especially lately. When there is more going on, I think it's important for a band to stay honest with one another.

Can we expect more from WATIC this year besides touring, like more covers on YouTube/videos on theincrowdtube for one?

We don't have any covers in the works just yet, but we really want to direct our own music video and just see what happens. So hopefully that can happen soon.

Last but not least, are you guys planning to play in South East Asia sometime this year? Any words for your South East Asian Crumbs?

I sure hope so! We miss playing over there so much. And our fans are always so good to us there. Keep your fingers crossed!

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