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Neck Deep Akan Rilis Album “Life’s Not Out To Get You”
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Neck Deep Akan Rilis Album “Life’s Not Out To Get You” 

Setelah merilis video Can’t Kick Up The Roots melalui YouTube channel Hopeless Records 11 Mei lalu, Neck Deep mengumumkan album teranyarnya yang berjudul “Life’s Not Out To Get You” akan segera dirilis 14 Agustus 2015. Di produseri Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember) dan Andrew Wade (The Ghost Inside, Issues), album ini menjadi salah satu album yang paling ditunggu-tunggu pecinta musik pop-punk, terbukti dari masuknya album ini dalam daftar Alternative Press Magazine’s Most Anticipated albums tahun ini.

Can’t Kick Up The Roots menjadi single pertama dari album ini, yang terinspirasi dari kerinduan kampung halaman Neck Deep, Wrexham di Wales.

“Can’t Kick Up The Roots is about my hometown of Wrexham in North Wales. At the time of writing it we had been away for 3 months in America, so home was very much on our minds. On one level it’s about how much our hometown sucks – we really don’t come from anywhere glamorous, quite the opposite in fact – but by the same token, that’s what makes it ours.”

“Wrexham has the strangest charm, where we kind of take pride in the shittiness around us, and ‘…Roots’ is about our love for where we come from in spite of its flaws. We’ve travelled all around the world for the past two years, seen some amazing things, and yet we’re still super happy to come home to where we grew up.” ujar vokalis Ben Barlow.

Sejak terbentuk pada 2012 lalu, Neck Deep merupakan salah satu band potensial Hopeless Records.Tahun 2014 lalu, Ben Barlow (vokal), Lloyd Roberts (gitar), Matt West (gitar), Fil Thorpe-Evans (bass) dan Dani Washington (drum) menerima penghargaan “Best British Newcomer” dari Kerrang! Magazine.

Life’s Not Out To Get You sudah bisa di pre-order melalui iTunes disini

1. Citizens Of Earth
2. Threat Level Midnight
3. Can’t Kick Up The Roots
4. Kali Ma
5. Gold Steps
6. Lime St.
7. Serpents
8. The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)
9. December
10. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors
11. I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You
12. Rock Bottom

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