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Gajahmada Top 20 Countdown – 13 Sep

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Gajahmada 102.4 FM Semarang

Gajahmada Top 20 Countdown – 13 Sep 

Radio Gajahmada 102.4 FM Announcer Top 20: Koko Carmine & Netta Teracotta
Jl. MT Haryono 161 semarang DDAGP : Nindy Gold & Nuno Orange
Telp : (024) 3550088 Fax. (024) 3555588 Music Director : Nuno Orange
website : www.gajahmadafm.co.id Mixing Man : Ian

37th Edition On Air Date 13 September 2015

2 1 6 Drag Me Down One Direction Columbia
4 2 6 How Dep is Your Love Calvin Harris ft Disciples RocNation
1 3 7 She’s Kinda Hot 5 Seconds Of Summer Capitol
7 4 4 Love Can Do Joshua Ledet Warner
17 5 2 What Do You Mean Justin Bieber Universal
10 6 3 Body On Me Rita Ora ft Chris Brown Roc Nation
18 7 2 Wildest Dream Taylor Swift Big Machine
9 8 4 Omen Disclosure ft Sam Smith Island
3 9 8 Run Away With Me Carly Rae jepsen Interscope
11 10 4 Love MySelf Hailee Steinfeld Republic
5 11 9 Cool For The summer Demi Lovato Republic
6 12 7 Hold Each Other A Great Big World Epic
8 13 7 Model Before You Exit RCA
15 14 3 Back Together Robin Thicke ft Nicki Minaj Interscope
16 15 3 Young And Stupid Travis Mills ft T.I Columbia
– 16 (new) Hula Hoop OMI Ultra Records
– 17 (new) Hair Little Mix Columbia
12 18 10 Good For You Selena Gomez ft ASAP Rocky Interscope
13 19 9 Twerk It Like Miley Brandon Beal ft Christopher Universal
14 20 8 Don’t Be So Hard To Your Self Jess Glynne Atlantic

Out Of Chart Locked Away R City Ft Adam Levine RCA
Hey Mama David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Afrojack Warner

Gajahmada Berterima Kasih Kepada : Sony Music,Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music, Alfa Records, Bulletin Music,
Musica Studio’s, RPM, Le Mosiek, Emotions Records, Aksara, Nagaswara, MSM, Mentari Music, MSM Music, Aquarius
Musikindo, 16 Production, Logiss Records, Trinity Optima, Freeze Music, Waybe Music, Arka Music, Platinum Music,
Aurora Management, Sirkus Records, AEN Kitten, Energie Music, Music Factory, Satoe Music, Liana Music, be one enter
tainment, Pesona Music, Keci Music, Summer, RMV, MI 2, Pesta Musik, GSM Musik, Shelmer Musik, Java Musikindo,
Nagaswara, Song City, Seven Music, 267 Records, Slam stars, Falcon, HMK Music, Michellin, Giron Music, etc.

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