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Young & Heartless Umumkan Perilisan Album Baru, “Stay Away”
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Young & Heartless Umumkan Perilisan Album Baru, “Stay Away” 

Young and Heartless, band indie-rock yang terbentuk pada 2011 asal Pennsylvania ini akan segera merilis album mereka yang bertajuk “Stay Away”. Album ini akan dirilis pada 25 Maret 2016 mendatang dan sudah dapat di pre-order melalui iTunes

“Our new album ‘Stay Away’ is an emotional rabbit-hole, and writing it as well as listening to it now, we continually find ourselves in a different place than we expected. It compliments our past, but as a whole it was a radical change in our songwriting. Working with Will Yip was a pleasure; he is nothing short of a visionary. Not only did he work with us to create a great sounding album, he believed in the entire project.” ujar band beranggotakan Jeremy Henninger (vokal/gitar), Bryan Tricarico (gitar), Jake Lepley (drum), dan Britain Weyant (bass) ini tentang album terbaru mereka. Sebelumnya, Young and Heartless telah merilis 2 EP: Strangeworld (2012) dan Death in Color (2013), juga satu album: The Pull of Gravity pada 2014 lalu.

Di waktu yang bersamaan dengan pengumuman album terbaru mereka, Young and Heartless juga merilis video “Fevers” yang merupakan salah satu single album Stay Away. “Fevers and the accompanying video is a short concept piece of three friends diving into immoral spontaneity and its grisly consequences. It’s a dark song, dealing with heroin addicts and a fear of abandonment, but it’s not meant to be morbid. We are strong believers of not hiding what makes you miserable. In some ways, bringing it to light is a form of healing.” cerita mereka tentang video ini. Saat ini, Young and Heartless sedang mengadakan tur di Amerika Serikat bersama Free Throw, Daisyhead, and Sinai Vessel.

Stay Away Track Listing:
1. Fevers
2. Noisecreep
3. Stay Away
4. Bad Brain
5. Misery on Misery
6. Fall
7. Nightwalking
8. Punch Drunk (LOA)
9. Heaven Nights
10. The Blinds
11. Strange Lows
12. Kids

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