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Connie Talbot Rilis Video Barunya, “I’m Over You”
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Connie Talbot Rilis Video Barunya, “I’m Over You” 

Setelah merilis video pertama yaitu “Shut Up (Move On) dari album barunya, “Matters To Me”, kini Connie Talbot kembali merilis video terbarunya, yaitu “I’m Over You”.

Lagu ini ditulis sendiri oleh Connie Talbot dan sedikit berbeda dengan lagu “Shut Up (Move On)”, di lagu “I’m Over You”, Connie tampil lebih melankolis, dan sepertinya menceritakan tentang curhatnya kepada sang kekasih. Yuk langsung simak videonya dibawah ini:

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Lyrics “I’m Over You”
I saw the messages to her
They say you don’t
Need me any more
Can’t say that it didn’t hurt

So now I’m finding someone new
Who’s gonna treat me better than you
I’m so happy that we’re finally through

I don’t need to hear you say one more lie
I don’t need to hear you say your goodbyes
For one last time
I don’t need your empty promises
Or your stupid alibis
‘Cause after all I’m nobody’s fool
Even though you take me for one
I’m Over You

And now you say you want
Me back for good
But you won’t get no second look
It’s funny how you thought you could
Nowadays you don’t even
Cross my mind
Don’t you wish you could rewind
To all those days we were fine

Repeat Chorus

My day will mean I was playing with fire
I can’t believe I even trusted you you liar

Repeat Chorus

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