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SUM 41 Umumkan Album Baru Mereka, “13 Voices”
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SUM 41 Umumkan Album Baru Mereka, “13 Voices” 

SUM 41 dengan bangga mengumumkan album baru mereka, “13 Voices”, yang akan dirilis oleh Hopeless Records pada tanggal 7 Oktober 2016. Album berisi 10 track ini akan menandakan yang pertama yang dirilis SUM 42 setelah lima tahun. Terakhir mereka merilis “Screaming Bloody Murder” di tahun 2011 yang lalu, yang menampilkan lagu peraih nominasi Grammy, ‘Blood In My Eyes’.

I am really excited to be releasing an album after everything I’ve been through recently,” kata sang frontman, Deryck Whibley, tentang album ini. “This new music represents the journey I’ve been on throughout the process of making this record. I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that 13 Voices saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.


Whibley mulai menulis untuk “13 Voices” seusai dirawat selama 4 bulan di rumah sakit. “I had to learn how to do everything again-my motor skills, learning how to play guitar again… I couldn’t even walk at the time,” kenang dirinya. “It was really difficult, but at the same time if I didn’t have a record to make, I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly. Writing music gave me a purpose. I had to get better.

Saat kesehatan Whibley membaik, begitu pula dengan kemampuannya dalam menulis lagu. Direkam, diproduseri dan di-engineered oleh Deryck Whibley di rumahnya di Los Ageles, “13 Voices” pun kini siap dirilis di musim gugur ini.

Menyusul perilisan album, SUM 41 akan melakukan rangkaian konser lintas Amerika sebagai bagian 2016 Warped Tour. Dimulai 22 Juni di Anchorage dan berakhir tanggal 7 Agustus di Pomona.

Berikut tracklist “13 Voices”

1. A Murder of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me)
2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
3. Fake My Own Death
4. Breaking The Chain
5. There Will Be Blood
6. 13 Voices
7. War
8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)
9. The Fall And The Rise
10. Twisted By Design

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