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Novel Anak-Anak Tom Fletcher, “The Christmasaurus”, Akan Diadaptasi Menjadi Film
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Novel Anak-Anak Tom Fletcher, “The Christmasaurus”, Akan Diadaptasi Menjadi Film 

Personel McFly, Tom Fletcher, tampaknya juga telah menemui kesuksesan di luar ranah musik yang membesarkan namanya. Baru saja ia menyebutkan jika novel anak-anaknya, “The Christmasaurus”, akan diadaptasi menjadi sebuah film animasi.

Kabar ini menyusul berita jika buku yang sama akan diadaptasi menjadi drama panggung tahunn depan. Konfirmasi didapat langsung dari Tom kepada Digital Spy, “There’s an animated feature film of The Christmasaurus in the works – that’s a longer journey, as animation takes a while. So it’s all happening. I’m not sure if I’ll do the singing or the voices for the film yet… It depends, I’m sure there would be better people than me. I’m going to be on the stage with it next year though.

Sumber gambar: Yahoo News UK
Sumber gambar: Yahoo News UK

Tom akan membawakan lagu-lagu dari buku tersebut di acara 2016 Royal Variety Performance Selasa malam, 6 Desember.

I’d been writing children’s picture books with my bandmate Dougie [Poynter] for five years so it was a natural progression from that to writing a novel,” terang Tom tentang proyeknya ini. “I wrote a song called ‘Christmasaurus’, and that was the catalyst for the whole book.

Everyone reacted to it really well and that got me excited and before I knew it, I’d written the novel. I had the story and a bunch of songs and I felt that I had essentially a musical. And tonight the performance [for the Royal Variety] is a snippet of The Christmasaurus Live, which is a show we’re putting on live next year in 2017.

Ia juga menambahkan jika McFly akan kembali berkutat di studio musik guna mengerjakan album keenam mereka dan berkata jika albumnya merupakan “long time coming“.

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