Lirik Lagu YUNG RAJA - The Dance Song

Oleh: cung2 - 11 Oct 2020

[Verse 1]

Podu that thaalam on three

Working on me, chikkubukku all week (All week)

This what I'm supposed to be

A natchathiram, you don't need a scope to see (No scopes)

Straight-A student making C's

Kalakkuthu paar ivan stylu too neat

I pull up with the kodu on me

All-star player in a star-studded team

Shakin' all hands, I'ma need some hand san'

Eyes lay low, never close like a dashcam

Ain't no prechene, let the cam' roll

I go jango with the mic while I'm on the medeh

I'm in a big house with a big clock that don't tick-tock

Stambi taking selfies with the president

Got the drip-drop, stylu tip-top

Shiny big rocks on my pallu tamilan feller represent


Look at me dance (Dance)

Shawty tryna keep it low-key, I see ya glance

Thosai with the caviar, I got it from France (Oui, oui)

I don't need a deal, boy, I need an advance

Checking my P&L, look at my dance (Damn, damn, damn)

[Verse 2]

This ponnu in love with my kolanthe face

Her aunty gon' tell me how this kolambu taste

Buggers with pulippu push me to moradan stage

Shtambi kadi vidathu snap with motheleh rage

Yellin', "Anneh rendu mutteh prata"

Kaalu meleh kaalu like a thatha

I went from black sheep to a baba

SIM card illeh, but I stay connected like Tata

They wonder where Raja at like the fella from Blues Clues

Shtambi been dropping once in a blue moon

Somewhere in the ocean going bloop bloop (Bloop)

Putting my points across like I shoot hoops

Kettimelum dum dum

Fella blow up like a time bomb, ooh

Superstars on me, please look at my shoe, ooh

Hotter than wanton soup

Na oruthadaveh sonna, that is fifty times two

Two, two, two, two

Okay, just a theremeh saali makin' 'em jolly, thaavi, climbing the maadi

Pena got mayi like Vaali, never go paathi paathi, mothuna gaali

Sweeter than panji muttai, neruppu turn 'em to aavi, Bathrakaali

Adukku like I'm Ambani, chill out in Bali, get me a Raja Kumari

Not talking about thupaaki, but I'ma shoot for the stars

Shtambi be having a blast putting my thuni in Louis V bags

Not gonna travel back

Korallu starting an avalanche, bomb, Legend of Bagger Vance

Tearing the thaare thappate, machi, my kaalu be shaking, I gotta dance


Look at me dance (Dance, dance)

Shawty tryna keep it low-key, I see ya glance (Ooh, glance, glance)

Thosai with the caviar, I got it from France (Oui, oui)

I won't take cheques when I get that advance (Stripes)

Checkin' my P&L, look at my dance (Dance, dance)

Checkin' my P&L, look at my dance (Ooh, glance, glance)

Checkin' my P&L, look at my dance (Oui, oui)

Checkin' my P&L, look at my dance (Stripes)

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