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Lirik Lagu AGNEZ MO – F Yo Love Song
CREDIT: Agnez Mo
Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu AGNEZ MO – F Yo Love Song 

I thought that I was all you wanted
I thought that you’d keep me one hundred
I thought that I could make you love it
I thought that you would have put a ring on it
But I was so dumb dumb stupid
How could I be so foolish
Ain’t about make me losing like yeah

Sunday you love me
Monday you said you’d be there
Tuesday you hide
Wednesday you lied
Baby you ain’t playing fair
Thursday you didn’t even called
Friday you had me on the phone
Saturday’s just another day
Baby you make I full of me

I never love you anyway
We sleeping with the enemy
And I’m not the one to play with
So now I’m saying fvck yo love song
You don’t know who you dealing with
I should’ve know you was a shit
I finally gone take a bait
So, say I’m saying fvck yo love song
F yo love song
F yo love song
F yo love song

I don’t have to let down my guard
OMG you’re telling me that you would break my heart
Can’t believe that you was gone mad and get caught
But if you want to do it so damn did it!
A ah that am I star?
To gone and give a minute
And then J come off
So now I’m saying bye bye with the smile
Like ye ye yeah

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