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Lirik Lagu DAVID ARCHULETA – Be That For You
Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu DAVID ARCHULETA – Be That For You 

Is it ok if I say this?
Cause every time I look in your eyes
I… feel like I’m wasting
The perfect moment
To say I’m all in

You’ve got my heart
Right in your hands
I wanna stay here forever
Please let me know
What it would take
To be your forever

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be the one that’s always on your mind
Be the someone that you feel like wasting time with
I’ll do anything and everything I can
Just to be that
Just to be that
Can I be that for ya?

When your head’s underwater
You’re sinking in can’t seem to catch your breath (Eh)

I’ll be there beside you
Lifting you up
When it’s too much
I’ll be that place
When you need to hide
I’ll bring you the shelter
When you’re unsure
I’ll be your steady
Come on tell me

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