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Lirik Lagu AFGAN, ROBIN THICKE – Touch me (Remix)
Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu AFGAN, ROBIN THICKE – Touch me (Remix) 

Lights flash but you shine on your own baby
You don’t need no help
Crowded room
All I see is you baby
Like you’re by yourself

Take it to the floor, now it’s looking like a party
We don’t say a word, let our bodies do the talking
You can set the mood, baby tell me how you want it
Going all night, we don’t even need a reason
Girl the way you dance, give me something to believe in
Four five six in the morning we ain’t leaving

Love the way that you move
Can’t nobody do what you do
You can’t deny what is true
Every time you touch me

I go ‘ooh ahh’
Too high
Baby I lose
My cool
When I’m looking at you
I know what we got is true
Everytime you touch me

I can’t keep my hands to myself baby
Mean no disrespect
It’s clear to see you like it too baby
By the way you act

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