Lirik Lagu RICH BRIAN - New Tooth

Oleh: cung2 - 06 Nov 2021

It's a simple question, do you got it or not?

I been talkin' to God 'bout the garages for the crib that I still haven't bought

Boat rockin', my thoughts goin' too fast

I'm not rational, I need the '42 on the rocks, wait, uh

I'm the ambassador, meanin' I gas up the land I came from

Make it rain and the money lookin' like ransoms

And my brain always steady demandin' answers

I've been feeling like I'm fightin' with my thoughts

And the motherfucker benchin' a lot

Punchin' the bag while he listenin' to "The Box"

Uh-uh, I'm 'bout to get my shit rocked

Uh-uh, I need to call up my pops

I'm killin' the pain, I'm feelin' the change

I'm a villain to ones that wanna shit on my name

You better think twice about the moves that you make

When your heart is closed, man, the truth is erased

Ayy, don't disturb, I'm in the booth, ayy

My neck shiny like my tooth, ayy

Your bitch tryna reproduce, ayy

DMs open, I'ma shoot, uh

Don't disturb, I'm in the booth, ayy

My neck shiny like my tooth, ayy

Your bitch tryna reproduce, ayy

DMs open, I'ma-

I got options, lil' bitch, you do not know where I been

France, 7 AM, I'm a fan of ménages

Landed up in Japan, fill my body with toxins

More of the reason to leave my inhibitions

I'm breathin' in tobacco smoke

I eat the roach and then I do my deepest stroke

I'm 'bout to run a mile on these bitches

I'm chiropractin' to crack smiles on these bitches

I'm twenty-one, tryna make nine, ten milly

I'm twenty-nine, crib 'bout size of the Pentagon

Just got the shoes as red as filet mignon

Coochie got magic, I thought she was Hermion

Uh, I meant Hermione, uh

Switchin' environment, I'm feelin' uninspired

What's better, a sip of gin or findin' my soul and clarity?

I'm buryin' my sins, the blessing is all my evidence, ayy

I'm a business man without a business plan

Racks on Planet Fitness, abracadabra

No, Illuminati ain't the mantra, uh

I ain't fuckin' you unless it's tantric

Gotta walk out slowly, I'm usually dramatic

I'ma raw dog life, I ain't doin' no habits

I'm a star from the start, they be callin' me Patrick

In a white girl mouth like a giant tarantula

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah


I been dealin' with some wack-ass motherfuckers thinkin' they can backstab

Make 'em feel the pain like I'm in Jackass

Hit it, I'm livin', I'm rippin' out the page

They been askin' where the raps at

I don't need the bread, I'ma give it to the fam

Get the job done like TaskRabbit

Puff on the gas, I cannot find the passion

On my Cash App every day lookin' at coins like

"What am I doin'?" like, "Where do I go?"

Man, I really gotta get the right dose

You really gotta come to my shows when this shit is open

Rock the Chanel like my name Frank Ocean

I dress well, you on that VLONE shit

I'm payin' all the bills, though

Money been multiplyin' like a nympho

Do I really need a crib on the hills, though?

It's probably gon' be good for my mental

I pop out, man, I was a dropout

Whip louder than the rappers arguing on Clubhouse

I'ma throw the hands whenever I go on a run now

Wanna start, but don't know when to do it like I'm Bow Wow

Stop the hate, just walk away, lil' bitch

They gon' make it home and see the kids

I'm awake and I ain't duckin' now

Peace and quiet shit runnin' out of style

Ma callin' up like stay home

Fuck the sessions that you got, tell 'em you can't make the drive

They sprayin' on a bad day

Saw that damn quote, I don't know if I got 911 to dial

This shit done made me cry

Man, this shit ain't civilized

I ain't born to die

I need to stay a while

I need to stay a while

I ain't born to die

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