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Tweetainment – 25 Nov
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Tweetainment – 25 Nov 

@iamkelis Haven’t tweeted in awhile so I feel like I owe u something fun 😉 My new song is called Acapella. Enjoy! xo

@RubenStuddard Hey yall good morning. I hope everyone is happy and healthy today. I pray that we have a very productive. As we get ready for Thanksgiving!!

@Pink oooooh 65 minutes of cardio means more room for pizza. pizza pizza.

@aliciakeys At the today show about 2 hit the stage, then 2 the barbers daughters trunk show @ the collette blanchard gallery…meet me there 😉 shine!

@maryjblige All we have 2 do is recieve the positive energy and love that people send our way. That blocks the hate and negative.

@NeYoCompund Riri, keep killin’ em’. The legs get longer & longer everytime I see you. Overall great show, and I looked DAMN good, if I do say so myself!

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