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American Idol 11 Top 13 Finalist Profile
American Idol

American Idol 11 Top 13 Finalist Profile 

Colton Dixon
Usia: 20 tahun
Asal: Murfeesboro, TN
Twitter: @CDixonAI11
Randy Jackson: “It’s about time that we on Idol have our own indie alternative rocker like Paramore.”

Elise Testone
Usia: 28 tahun
Asal: Charleston, SC
Twitter: @ETestoneAI11
Steven Tyler: “I’m proud of you, girl. You Blew it out the water.”

Heejun Han
Usia: 22 tahun
Asal: Flushing, NY
Twitter: @HHanAI11
Randy Jackson: “I mean you are a mad talented guy and I’m happy that we found Heejun Han.”

Hollie Cavanagh
Usia: 18 tahun
Asal: McKinney, TX
Twitter: @CavanaghAI11
Steven Tyler: “”Nothing left of that song (Reflection) but passion. I hope you let your hair down next time.”

Jermaine Jones
Usia: 25 tahun
Asal: Pine Hill, NJ
Twitter: @JJonesAI11
Jennifer Lopez: “You do have such a special voice and such a special spirit.”

Jessica Sanchez
Usia: 16 tahun
Asal: San Diego, CA
Twitter: @JSanchezAI11
Steven Tyler: “You’ve got exceptional timing. Your pitch is perfect.”

Joshua Ledet
Usia: 19 tahun
Asal: Westlake, LA
Twitter: @JLedetAI11
Randy Jackson: “This is what singing is all about. This is why I love being on this show.”

Phillip Phillips
Usia: 21 tahun
Asal: Leesburg, GA
Twitter: @PPhillipsAI11
Jennifer Lopez: “Ypu were one of the special talents we found this year on the road.”

Shannon Magrane
Usia: 16 tahun
Asal: Tampa, FL
Twitter: @SMagraneAI11
Steven Tyler: “You took ip upstairs and it went beautiful. That’s taking it up a notch for me.”

Skylar Laine
Usia: 18 tahun
Asal: Brandon, MS
Twitter: @SLaineAI11
Randy Jackson: “I love your energy. I love your performance.”

Wild Card

Jeremy Rosado
Usia: 19 tahun
Asal: Valrico, FL
Twitter: @JRosadoAI11
Jennifer Lopez: “You open your mouth and immediately I’m drown in.”

DeAndre Brackensick
Usia: 17 tahun
Asal: San Jose, CA
Twitter: @BrackensickAI11
Jennifer Lopez: “Your voice is perfect to me.”

Erika Van Pelt
Usia: 26 tahun
Asal: South Kingstown, RI
Twitter: @EVanPeltAI11
Randy Jackson: “What I love, you showed a kind of confidence with that restraint.”

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