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American Idol 11 – Top 3 Semi Finals
American Idol

American Idol 11 – Top 3 Semi Finals 

Ronde 1. Judge’s Choice (Pilihan Juri)
Joshua Ledet “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James (Pilihan Randy Jackson)

Randy memilih lagu lawas milik Etta Jomes karena Joshua bisa membawakan ‘throwback style’ dan cocok dengan vocalnya. Dan seperti yang bisa kita duga, another standing ovation!
Steven Tyler: This is another Joshua moment. So surreal to hear you singing those old songs. Out of 70,000 there is only 1 American Idol and you sang like that one tonight.
Jennifer Lopez: We struggled with you….do we give you something more modern? But you always bring down the house with those numbers.
Randy Jackson: You’re such a classic stylist. What I hope is that you take what you do on this stage and bring that into modern times.

Jessica Sanchez – “My All” by Mariah Carey (Pilihan Jennifer Lopez)
Jennifer memilihkan lagu yang punya kesulitan tingkat tinggi untuk Jessica yang sering membawakan ‘big ballads’ dan dia yakin kalo Jessica bakal bisa membawakan lagu ini dengan mudah.
Randy Jackson: Absolutely beautiful. Perfect song for you. We tell people never to sing a Mariah song, but it’s one of the best times a Mariah song has ever been performed on TV.
Jennifer Lopez: Hard song. I could tell in the middle! But you did it. You did it your own way, using that tenderness.
Steven Tyler: When you sing, you make people hang on your every note. You’ll be the last one standing here.

Phillip Phillips “Beggin’” by Madcon (Pilihan Steven Tyler)
Steven Tyler memilihkan lagu ini agar Phillips bisa membawakan ‘melody’ dan beda dengan yang pernah dibawakan sebelumnya.
Jennifer Lopez: You’re very funny. You can’t help but mess with the melody. But you catch a groove in the song and ride it all the way home. It was great.
Steven Tyler: it’s so beautiful to watch you unfold here from that guy who was trying to crawl out of himself to a guy right now with a spotlight in your face where it belongs. When you’re faced in the sun, the shadows fall behind you. I’m hopin’ that you write your own songs, because you could be a new (Boss) Bruce Springsteen.
Randy Jackson: We were just at the Phil Phillips concert. You are so in the zone and have been since day one. That was another incredible performance by you. You are who you are and we love it.

Ryan Seacrest menanyakan kepada para juri siapa pemenang ronde 1. Randy Jackson: Joshua, Jennifer Lopez: Phillip Phillips dan Steven Tyler tidak memilih.

Ronde 2. Own’s pick (Pilihan Sendiri)

Joshua Ledet – “Imagine” by John Lennon
Cuplikan Joshua Ledet pulang ke kampung halamanya di West Lake, L.A. dimana dia merasa disambut bak Presiden Barrack Obama. Dia mengunjungi gerejanya, ikut parade Mardi Gras dan juga mengunjungi sekolahnya. Kunjungannya ditutup dengan kembang api.
Joshua tidak tahu harus memilih lagu apa, tapi ketika dalam perjalanan bareng Phillip dan Jessica, dia tidak sengaja mendengar “Imagine” diputar di radio, yang akhirnya dipilihnya untuk dibawakan di babak ini.
Steven Tyler: Another ‘Thank you God’ moment with you. You are so fine.
Jennifer Lopez: It was a pull back and control performance, which is the hardest thing to do. The way you are willing to dig deep is what makes you special.
Randy Jackson: I loved the way you pulled back, but gave us a little Josh at the end. Randy wants to know why Josh picked the song. He says he recently heard the song on the radio and liked the strong message. Randy thinks it’s important that Josh sing songs that mean something to him.

Jessica Sanchez – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith
Jessica pulang ke kampung halamannya di Chula Vista, CA. Dimana dia ternyata home schooling dan mengaku tidak punya banyak teman. Dia sempat dihadiahi “Jessica Sanchez Day” di Chula Vista, dan juga berkunjung ke USS Midway, dimana dia menemui ayahnya yang seorang marinir.
Steven Tyer: You just sang a great song and made it greater.
Jennifer Lopez: That was amazing…that note at the end sent everyone into the heavens.
Randy Jackson: You’re choosing some really tough hills to climb. This girl is bold here tonight. Off to a slow start, but you delivered.

Phillip Phillips- “Disease” by Matchbox 20
Phillip pulang ke kampung halamanya di Leesburg, GA dimana dia mendapat gelar namanya dijadikan nama sebuah makanan mexico yaitu ‘nachos’ dan gratis makan seumur hidup di restoran itu. Dia juga mengunjungi ayahnya di ‘pawn shop’ (toko jual barang bekas), dan makan bersama di rumahnya. Phillips menangis ketika melakukan parade dan show ditutup dengan konsernya.
Pilihan Phillip membawakan lagu ini sangat pas, sesuai dengan vocalnya.
Jennifer Lopez: I didn’t feel like it was the wow performance we’re needing right now.
Steven Tyler: It wasn’t over the top, but it was Phillip Phillips.
Randy Jackson: I didn’t like it. It was such a subdued moment. You can do those things in your sleep. I wanted a bigger look from you now.

Round 3: Pilihan mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Joshua Ledet – “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige
Jimmy merasa Joshua sangat cocok membawakan lagu “No More Drama” setelah melihatnya sukses membawakan “It’s a Man’s Man’s World”.
Randy Jackson: You have laid everything on this stage that there is to lay. People should just stand up and vote for you.
Jennifer Lopez: You have this perfect marriage of knowing exactly what you are doing and letting go at the same time.
Steven Tyler: I watched you and felt the last 40 years of the music business. Over the top.

Jessica Sanchez – “I’ll Be There” – By the Jackson 5
Jimmy memilihkan lagu The Jackson 5 ini agar Jessica bisa disukai oleh pemirsa yang lebih tua, tapi juga menonjolkan bahwa dia masih muda. Lagu ini juga sempat dibawakan oleh Mariah Carey.
Steven Tyler: That song reminds me of ‘Don’t bore us. Get to the chorus’. Perfect song. Perfect voice. You nailed it.
Jennifer Lopez: That was a good choice from Jimmy. Perfect tone in your voice. You almost sounded like Michael. Maybe like Jermain in one little part. But then you came back in the end and killed it.
Randy Jackson: I liked it ok. I didn’t love it. We’re at the end here…there was never a moment, moment. I would have preferred the Mariah version.

Phillip Phillips- “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger
Jimmy merasa ini lagu yang pas buat Phillip, baik untuk fans cowok dan cewek dimana dia bisa membawakan secara emosional dan romantis.
Randy Jackson: The perfect song, at the perfect time, and your best performance on the show ever. You had a giant moment. You showed everyone you can sing the melody. This boy is in it to win it! He’s ready!
Jennifer Lopez: There’s about 20 million girls out there who wish you were singing that song to them
Steven Tyler: I think he said, “You came out here and sang like you didn’t give a shit” Most of which was bleeped. You just showed you got all that passion wrapped up in you. It doesn’t matter if you hit the notes or not. You just nailed it. Over the top.

Prediksi kali ini agak susah, dimana ketiganya tampil dengan bagus, komentar para juri juga tidak mempengaruhi voting pemirsa Amerika. Kalau versi Steven Tyler, dia memilih Jessica Sanchez, dimana Akon pun juga pernah menyebut ingin bekerja sama dengannya, begitu juga Jesse McCartney. Jadi sepertinya Finalnya antara Joshua dan Jessica.

Result Show:
Adam Lambert membawakan “Never Close Our Eyes” dari album barunya “Trespassing”
Lisa Marie Presley membawakan “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” dari album barunya “Storm & Grace”
Yang pulang: Joshua Ledet
Final: Jessica Sanchez dan Phillip Phillips

Vote for your favourite American Idol 11 here:

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