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American Idol 9 Top 9 – Lennon McCartney Songbook
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 9 – Lennon McCartney Songbook 

Komentar: R (Randy Jackson), E (Ellen DeGeneres), K (Kara DioGuardi), SC (SImon Cowell), CD (CreativeDisc), AI (Ai Hasibuan)

1. Aaron Kelly – Long and Winding Road
(R) You still have a great voice. I didn’t love the arrangement. It was sleepy. You needed to make it something different.
(E) I think you are fantastic. It felt like a long and winding song, it is a big song.
(K) For what you are trying to do, you have to be great and you aren’t there yet. I need some tempo to your performance.
(S) It was old fashioned and boring. You have to become young and relevant.
(AI) Terdengar terlalu aman dan membosankan. Enggak jelek sebenarnya, tapi enggak spektakuler juga. (7/10)

2. Katie Stevens – Let It Be
(R) Your best performance ever. Those were hot vocals.
(E) Perfect example of changing it just enough to make it your own. That was amazing.
(K) It was a great vocal. You are blossoming. You are confident tonight.
(S) Tonight you got it right.
(AI) I love this performance. Brilliant. (9/10)

3. Andrew Garcia – Can’t Buy Me Love
(R) It wasn’t a solid performance. A little corny at times. All in all it was ok.
(E) First of all you can buy love. Perfect choice. A lot of fun and I enjoyed it.
(K) I haven’t seen anything new from you this week. I think you could have done more with your interpretation.
(S) Like when the guitarists sings and not the lead singer. It was corny and old fashioned. I think you and the band together got this all wrong tonight.
(AI) Aku enggak merasa nyaman mendengarkan penampilan Andrew minggu ini. (6/10)

4. Michael Lynche – Eleanor Rigby
(R) Not all of that worked. The parts that did work were great. I love that you are feeling yourself. That could be a joint on the radio.
(E) You can do anything. There are so many different sides to you. That was a huge risk and there may be people that don’t like it but I thought it was incredible.
(K) That was fire. Those vocals were amazing. The drama was building and building. You made that song commercial today.
(S) I didn’t love it as much as the other 3. This is the sort of thing you see and hear in musicals. It made you go slightly backwards.
(AI) Lagunya jadi aneh dan menyebalkan. Dari intro sampe akhir. Enggak suka. (5/10)

5. Crystal Bowersox – Come Together
(R) Another solid performance. I don’t think it was your best. You got into your groove at the end. It worked. You are in the zone.
(E) I thought that was cool. I need to find a new way to tell you how great you are. I can hear that on your album.
(K) One of my favorite performances. It was slinky, sexy and playful. You were accessible tonight.
(S) That’s a performance I could hear on the radio. It just worked.
(AI)I like, tapi aku lebih suka versi Carly Smithson di season 7. Suara Crystal kayak lagi pilek ya? Effortless. (8/10)

6. Tim Urban – All My Loving
(R) I think that was a much better performance than you have had in the past couple of weeks. A good Tim performance.
(E) That was the perfect song choice and your second best performance.
(K) You took our criticisms and you still come hard.
(S) I thought you did really well tonight with that song. There was no gimmicks. It suited you.
(AI) Perfect song choice! Tapi aku benci rambutnya. (7/10)

7. Casey James – Jealous Guy
(R) Love how you played the acoustic. Another great song. I love that you did this. It wasn’t the perfect vocal.
(E) That was your best performance to date. We just need to see more of your personality.
(K) Tonight it was tasteful on the acoustic. It showed depth. You know your voice and you can take it there when you want to.
(S) I think it was the best performance of the night so far. I am very very impressed with you tonight.
(AI)Satu lagi rambut yang kubenci. Tapi nyanyiannya juara. (9/10)

8. Siobhan Magnus – Across The Universe
(R) I love wondering what you are going to do or wear. I love the outfit. It was a little sleepy for me. Great control but sleepy.
(E) You march to the beat of your own drum. You are special and really talented. It was different but I loved it.
(K) From a singing perspective, you hit the notes. It was just restrained and very polite. I am not sure you would hear that on the radio.
(S) I think you came back much much stronger this week.
(AI)***** (LIMA BINTANG) (10/10)

9. Lee DeWyze – Hey Jude
(R) You have got this. Another hot one for you. Please believe.
(E) You were smiling more. You were showing so much more confidence. I thought it was a great job. I loved it.
(K) You feel more comfortable. Some good moments, some off moments but I could hear you on the radio.
(S) You come out with a bagpipe player. I wouldn’t have done that. You were doing great until the bagpipe player came down the stairs.
(AI)***** (LIMA BINTANG JUGA) (10/10)

(AI) Harapanku di bottom 3 : Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly dan yang tersisih adalah Michael Lynche. Amin amin amin.
CreativeDisc Prediction Bottom 3: Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly
Yang out: Andrew Garcia / Aaron Kelly…

Jangan lupa saksikan Result Show besok… ada David Archuletta, Rihanna dan Jason Derulo!

Bottom 3: Michael Lynche
Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia

Going Home: Michael Lynche, tapi akhirnya diselamatkan oleh para juri. Jadi dia tampil lagi minggu depan!

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