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American Idol 10 Top 9: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
American Idol

American Idol 10 Top 9: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 

Selamat datang di American Idol. Show yang sudah kita tonton selama 10 tahun belakangan dan bahkan beberapa peserta tahun ini adalah mereka yang berada di posisi penonton selama 10 tahun ke belakang. Minggu ini, 9 besar peserta ditantang untuk menyanyikan lagu-lagu besar, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Dan mereka tampil dibantu oleh orang-orang yang sudah berpengalaman di bidangnya. membantu para peserta untuk memilih lagu, Gwen Stefani membantu mereka untuk memilih baju cewek-cewek. Ini semua kehebohan 9 besar American Idol Season 10!

Jacob Lusk – “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson
ST: Every time you sing you bring another little piece to the party.
JL: You make everybody know that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.
RJ: Dude I’m so proud of you. There were moments all over that.
AI: Meskikah dia menyatakan sesuatu tentang bottom 3 di akhir video presentasinya? Oh Tuhan, bantu aku untuk tidak menghina Jacob minggu ini. It was HORRIBLE. (6/10)

Haley Reinhart – “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin
JL: We’re off to a strong start here. You’re a contender. they need to be careful with Haley. You’re going to be around for a minute.
RJ: We were referring to that bluesy soul thing that you have….that’s the Haley that we loved when we first saw you. Welcome back.
ST: I couldn’t find nothin wrong with that. You’ve taken it up a few notches. You nailed it.
AI: Menurutku lirik di lagu ini juga sangat ngena ke nasibnya di American Idol ini. Dan ini yang benar-benar diinginkan juri darinya. Baiklah, Haley Reinhart is a rock star! (9/10)

Casey Abrams – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
RJ: You made CCR proud. You made the upright base cool. This is revolutionary.
ST: You are a true musician. Every time you sing you bring something different.
JL: That’s where you belong, with your bass. I’m paying top dollar to sit in the front row.
AI: I LOVE HIS PERFORMANCE! Dengan bass-nya, dengan mandolinnya, dengan lagunya. (9.9/10)

Lauren Alaina – “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin
ST: I love you. Tonight you are a natural born woman.
JL: She’s amazing.
RJ: You picked one of the most difficult one. You did a good job on it. There were some people on this stage before you that really laid it out.
AI: Dandanan yang dikasih Gwen Stefani ke Lauren enggak enak dilihat. Menurutku suara Lauren enggak kawin ke lagunya. Bukan dia yang menaklukkan lagu, tapi dia takluk sama lagunya. The song is too big for her. (6/10)

James Durbin – While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison
JL: It’s nice to see that other side of you. It’s so special to watch. A great choice.
RJ: I loved seeing the real true emotional side of James Durbin. You have to take chances in order to be an artist. You won, you did a good job.
ST: It’s really good to see that not only your guitar gently weeped, but you did as well.
AI: It’s good, it’s emotional. Tapi selama bernyanyi dia kurang kontrol dengan suaranya. Itu penilaian minus dariku. (7/10)

Scotty McCreery – “That’s All Right Mama” by Elvis Presley
RJ: Scotty is in it to win it. Anyone who thought you were a one trick pony…this was like a new Scotty.
ST: I thought you were all hat and no cattle….but you brought Elvis into it…You did well.
JL: You’re having fun with it…you’re funny. I feel a little bit of flavor in there.
AI: Secara keseluruhan, penampilan Scotty minggu ini lebih mengerikan dari Jacob. Ku anugerahi odong-odong award padanya minggu ini. Tapi herannya, nyanyiannya terkontrol dengan sempurna, stage act dewa mabuk yang enggak kusuka. (7/10)

Pia Toscano – “River Deep Mountain High” by Ike and Tina Turner
ST: Murderer! Murderer! You killed it!
JL: That was amazing. Vocally you proved to us that you can sing an uptempo. I’m going to keep pushing you. You need to study all of the great entertainers. You are spectacular, but keep studying.
RJ: All you need to do is work on the movement. Pia is in it to win it.
AI: YES!!!!!!!!! Pia Pia Pia Pia Pia Pia!!!!! Berhasil membungkam semua yang sangsi akan style nyanyinya. (9/10)

Stefano Langone – “When A Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge
JL: I knew you had it in you. That was beautiful. I loved it. I felt it for the first time. That had another layer of emotion to it. Amazing.
RJ: I wasn’t jumping up and down. The first half felt a little jerky to me.
ST: I liked the old timey feel…I liked where you took it. A lot of passion. Beautiful.
AI: YES!!!!!!! Stefano Stefano Stefano Stefano!!!!! Best male vocal performance dech! Akan seru melihat Pia dan dirinya bertarung di grand final! (10/10)

Paul McDonald – “Fulsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash
RJ: three words: I LOVED IT.
ST: You’re such a crazy character. A perfect imperfect boy.
JL: A perfect way to end the show. Good job. Right in your lane.
AI: He’s smiling while singing! Dia enggak hanya gila-gilaan di panggung, tapi dia juga berniat untuk enggak balik ke 3 terbawah. (8/10)

Speak my mind, ini bisa jadi salah. Prediksiku di 3 terbawah adalah Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina, dan James Durbin. Dengan James yang tersisih.

(Ai Hasibuan / CreativeDisc Contributors)

Shocking Result!!!
Bottom 3: Stefano, Pia and Jacob

Eliminated: Pia Toscano!

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