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The X Factor US: Top 4 Semi Final – Face The Music
The X Factor US

The X Factor US: Top 4 Semi Final – Face The Music 

Semi Final The X Factor USA dibuka dengan recap result show minggu lalu dimana Rachel Crow teriliminasi dan juga para fans X Factor yang mengecam Nicole Scherzinger. Agak lebay sih emang, tapi acara ini kan emang tidak sekedar Reality Show talenta saja, tapi juga ada unsur ‘drama’ yang bikin menjual!

So 4 besar malam ini akan membawakan 2 lagu, salah satunya adalah dari hasil Pepsi Challenge yang sudah dipilih / di vote oleh para fans untuk dibawakan oleh para finalis. Hasilnya besok adalah murni dari hasil Voting pemirsa, jadi para juri tidak berhak untuk memilih siapa yang akan pulang!

First Round:
1. Marcus Canty – LA Reid – Boys – I’ll Make Love to You by Boys II Men –
Nicole: You are bringing sexy back! You do it in a really classy way. Good job.
Paula: You are the entertainer of this group. Solid performance.
Simon: Your mentor (people are booing) is responsible for the staging–the rose the zombie dancers–it was very distracting, corny. LA Reid: It takes great taste to know great taste. You still give me your all. I stand by you.

2. Chris Rene – LA Reid – Boys – “Fly” by Sugar Ray –
Nicole: You just make us feel good. Congratulations honey.
Paula: You look like 5m bucks after taxes. You can communicate with the world.
Simon: I liked the performance, it wasn’t a mega vocal. You’ve got to come out next time with a lot of conviction, a lot of focus.
LA Reid: You have the sparkle of a star. Just keep doing what your doing. It works.

3. Melanie Amaro – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Hero” by Mariah Carey –
LA Reid: That was really really good. It’s predictable, but America chose it. I didn’t feel your usual passion. love for the song. But you took it there.
Nicole: I love that America chose this song for you. I love the message. It’s perfect and fitting that YOU are singing this song. You’ve grown into the woman that you are. You are liberating to all of us.
Paula: Your voice is impeccable. (Paula knows one of the co-writers and invited him to sit in the audience) Paula didn’t like that the major chords were turned minor, but felt Melanie made it work.
Simon: Thinks she put her stamp on it and will be remembered for it. Hm. “That was bloody fantastic.”

4. Josh Krajick – Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30s – “Come Together” by The Beatles –
LA: I rather enjoyed that. It’s the best I’ve seen you in a few weeks. I’ve always pictured you as a guy who could win. You’ve made a return.
Paula: You attack our souls. You get into us. I would pay anything to see you perform live on stage.
Simon: I agree with LA. You’ve come back, you’ve come back strong. Just you a song…it would be a massive shame if you didn’t make it to the finals.
Nicole: You are never rehearsed. Something else comes over you. You are just living and breathing that fire.

Second Round:
5. Marcus Canty – LA Reid – Boys – “Careless Whisper” by George Michael

Nicole: That is an unexpected song. But I love that you did your thing on it. Love the dancers and production. You’re already a champion and a winner.
Paula: It’s contemporary. It worked. Proud of you.
Simon: That was horrific. The song was absolutely wrong. Like being in a Vegas show like it’s 1983. This was a joke. You deserve better.
LA Reid: What I just witnessed is a guy who gives a fabulous performance, including this week. Tonight you looked like a champion.

6. Chris Rene – LA Reid – Boys – “No One” by Alicia Keys
Nicole: I’m going to have to keep it real. You don’t have the best voice in the competition. Your spirit transcends across the universe. You believe. I believe. We believe in you
Paula: I love you. I love everything about you. This is a performance to get you into the finals.
Simon: You just delivered big time. Your dad would be incredibly proud. You’ve got heart, Chris. You deserve everything that’s going to come your way.
LA Reid: I’m so proud of you. Lovability is not about singing. And you have lovability.

7. Melanie Amaro – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Feeling Good”
LA Reid: You’re the greatest female that’s ever graced this stage. Really great song choice. You killed it. Good job, Simon.
Nicole: It’s a new life for you. That was the Melanie Amaro anthem.
Paula: Well done Melanie Bravo.
Simon: This is why we brought the show to America. I always dreamt that we’d find someone like you. Your greatest performance of the show so far. Please put this girl in the finals.

8. Josh Krajcik – Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30s – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen
LA Reid: That lacked excitement for me. I need you to stop looking back on where you come from.
Paula: How could you even say that? He gives every ounce of himself to the public (she’s crying) If this were the finals, you’d be the one to beat. Beautiful performance.
Simon: I’m going to have to agree with PAULA. I think you did what we knew you should do. Sincere, great emotions. That put you into the finals.
Nicole: Simon, Paula–thank you for seeing the simple truth. That was like a prayer.

Result show: Florence + The Machine dan Nicole Scherzinger perform!
Yang maju ke babak Final adalah:
Chris Rene
Melanie Amaro
Josh Krajcik

yang harus tereliminasi: Marcus Canty!


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