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The X Factor USA Finale & Result!
The X Factor US

The X Factor USA Finale & Result! 

Akhirnya, Final The X Factor USA telah tiba! 3 Finalis yang tersisa, Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene & Melanie Amaro akan bersaing untuk mendapatkan hadiah utama US$ 5.000.000 (Lima Juta Dollar)! Malam ini mereka membawakan 2 lagu, yaitu duet dengan bintang tamu (bukan idola mereka, seperti yang biasanya terjadi di X Factor UK), dan tidak ada eliminasi langsung untuk peringkat #3 (seperti yang juga terjadi di X Factor UK), dan lagu kedua adalah lagu yang dibawakan pertama kali oleh Finalis waktu audisi.

Round 1:
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Josh Krajcik and Alanis Morissette – “Uninvited”
LA Reid: That was surreal. That was such a natural pairing. You seemed right at home. That was great.
Paula: I couldn’t think of a better way to open. You held your own and kept your identity. Good luck to you.
Simon: We got to judge this. Alanis is amazing. I thought you were a little bit intimidated at the beginning. As the song got into gear, I heard the old Josh back. An 8 out of 10.
Nicole: You are giving and wonderful as an artist.

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Chris Rene & Avril Lavigne – “Complicated”
Nicole: It was a little shaky in the take off. By the end, your energy, and the light around you is so infectious. You shine up there.
Paula: It’s not about note for note being perfect . You’re built on simple, transparent truth. I love you.
Simon: When it kicked in, what I felt was your total joy and confidence. That could be a record
LA Reid: You looked really at home with Avril. That could be a record that could be released tomorrow.

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Melanie Amaro & R. Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly”
LA Reid
: That is one of the most important songs ever written. I feel like you got a little bit overshadowed by R Kelly
Nicole: She did the best that she could in that key. She put a 1000 percent into that performance. She soared on it.
Paula: It’s fitting that you are singing with R. Kelly. I wanted more emotion.
Simon: That is what’s called showing respect with the person you are singing with. You looked like someone who could be a really important established artist.

Sebelum memasuki Ronde ke-2 para finalis membawakan lagu Michael Jackson “They Don’t Care About Us” (juga dibarengin vocal Michael Jackson) diiringi para dancer dengan tema ‘Robocop’.

Round 2:
Josh Krajcik – “At Last” by Etta James

LA Reid: You look so at home up there. You are such a rock star. You made it your own. That’s what this is all about.
Paula: Authentic, real, kind hearted. You own that stage. Great job.
Simon: This is what we call the 5 million dollar song. Playing guitar was massive risk. This is really going to be a close call tonight.
Nicole: You’ve been you, yourself, I’m honored to be a part of this journey with you. I’m so proud of you.

Chris Rene – “Young Homie” (original song)
Nicole: We all have a purpose in life. You’re serving your purpose with that song.
Paula:You make everyone fall in love with you.
Simon: Chris, that was your 5M dollar song. Congratulation for “sticking to his deal”. You are a true gentlemen and a really nice guy.
LA Reid: You poured all of yourself into that song. I love what you just did.

Melanie Amaro – “Listen” (Beyonce)
LA Reid: That is the Melanie that I loved. That was a FIFTY million dollar performance.
Nicole: I told myself that I wouldn’t do it. You brought tears to my eyes. You empowered me. That’s what music is all about.
Paula: Take it all in. You delivered a stellar performance.
Simon: I am so proud of what you just did there. I brought this show to America. Some of the greatest performers in the world are from America. You should be the winner of the X Factor.
Result Show:
– Melanie Amaro menyanyi “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
– Chris Rene menyanyi “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”
– Josh Krajcik menyanyi “Please Come Home For Christmas”
– Justin Bieber duet dengan Stevie Wonder “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (hint: Justin Bieber dikontrak oleh LA REID), dilanjutkan dengan lagu “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” dengan surprise guest Drew, yang cuman nyanyi 1 line saja.
– Result tempat ke 3 adalah.. CHRIS RENE!
– Top 5 most SHOCKING moments of X Factor US: #1 Rachel Crow breakdown after eliminated!
– Leona Lewis perform dengan membawakan “Run” milik Snow Patrol
– 50 cent perform “Wait Until Tonight” dengan para pemain dari LA Lakers sebagai backup dancer (What?), lanjut dengan “In Da Club” dengan rapper cilik, Astro!
– The Cry off of The X Factor US between Nicole vs Paula ! The Winner is Nicole 25 vs 10.
– Pitbull perform International Love, lanjut dengan Ne-Yo “Give Me Everything” dan juga Marcus Canty!
– Duet Finale Melanie Amaro & Josh Krajcik “Heroes” by David Bowie! Amazing!
– Final Result: Melanie Amaro wins, dan nyanyi “Listen” sambil menangis !

The Winner of The X Factor USA is… MELANIE AMARO!

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    Karena orang2 pengen melanie yg menang… Maka result nanti winner nya josh or chris.. 😀


    But the real winner is (off course) Melanie….
    Can’t wait for her recording…

    Pemenangnya sesuai polling CD nih.. 🙂

    See u in the next season of X factor USA
    n now welcome to American Idol 2012……

  3. ry@n

    yezzzzzzzzzzzz,melanie amaro menang………..
    good job………..
    congratulatin melanie…………

  4. AB!D

    Congrats Melanie!!!
    Good Job…Xoxo

    Klo aq Sih Nunggu Albumnya Chris Rene aja…
    Mudah2an dia di kontrak sama LA Reid..
    Di Itunes Lagu Chris rene lebih laris dibandingkan Melanie, kayaknya Tanda-tanda tuh????

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