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X Factor US 2 Top 12 – Divas
The X Factor US

X Factor US 2 Top 12 – Divas 

Tema minggu ini adalah Divas. Jadi mereka akan membawakan lagu2 dari para Divas, walau ada 1 kontestan yang menggabungkan lagu Divas dengan non-Divas. Siapa dia?
Dan minggu ini bakal ada double elimination, yaitu 2 finalis akan dipulangkan dan tinggal menyisakan Top 10. Simak penampilan para finalis berikut ini:

1. Jennel Garcia – Demi Lovato – Young Adults – “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner
Sepertinya Jennel Garcia emang di setting sebagai lady rocker, sayangnya penampilannya selama 3 minggu ini tetap kurang bisa menampilkan kekuatan vocalnya.
LA: “You just returned to the competition. That smoked.”
Britney: “Tina would be proud. You nailed it.”
Simon: “You are back in the game. That’s what we wanted. Like a different person.”
Demi: “What a way to start off the night.”

2. Tate Stevens – LA Reid – Over 25s – “From This Moment” by Shania Twain
Sebagai finalis dengan Vote tertinggi, sepertinya Tate cukup nyaman hingga dia berani membawakan nada-nada tinggi yang ada di lagu ini.
Britney: “Your performance was so heartfelt. I loved it.”
Demi: “You’re so good. Very good.”
Simon : “This is going to be really annoying for me to say. That was better than last week. I think you’ve got confidence knowing your #1. Regardless of your age, this show is going to give you another chance. I would be happy to write you that $5 Million check.”

3. Diamond White – Britney Spears – Teens – “Halo” by Beyonce
Agak sedikit beban untuk Diamond membawakan lagu sehebat ini dari Beyonce, tapi akhirnya dia berhasil, walau awalnya agak kurang bagus.
LA: “You picked a really tough song. Those are really big shoes to fill and you filled them. Good job.”
Demi: “You are a total diva. You give the rest of the competition a run for the money.”
Simon: “Don’t walk and sing at the same time. Second half was better than the first. We are looking at a future star.”
Britney: “I’m so incredibly proud of you.”

4. Beatrice Miller – “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper – Britney Spears
Lagi2 sepertinya Beatrice salah lagu, dan setelah show ini selesai, ternyata Beatrice mengaku sedih karena pilihan lagunya yang selalu tidak cocok dengan mentornya, Britney. Dia lebih suka dengan lagu2 Rock seperti Nirvana & Radiohead, tapi selalu diberi lagu2 mellow.
LA: “You are so cute. The bad news, I don’t think it was the greatest song choice. It didn’t allow you to peak.”
Demi: “You are so adorable. I liked the song choice. It showcased a different side of you. I didn’t know you could sound so soulful.”
Simon: “I think it was better than last week. I like you in the lower register. But the song was boring. It just went on and on and on.
Britney: “She has more talent in her pinky then all of your contestants put together.”

5. Lyric 145 – Simon Cowell – Groups – “We Will Rock You”/ET by Queen/Katy Perry
Queen is not a Diva! Tapi tidak menurut Simon. Kabarnya, Lyric 145 terpaksa mengganti lagu secara mendadak, sayangnya penampilan mereka menurun dibanding minggu lalu.
LA: “Who was the Diva? It was mostly a Queen song. It was good and better than last week. But I think you guys have lost your way. This could be the last time we see them.”
Britney: “They should be doing Hip Hop tracks.”
Demi : “I don’t think ET fit at all.”
Simon : “You had literally hours to put that together. You never complain.”

6. Arin Ray – Britney Spears – Teens – “Crazy For You” by Madonna
Poor song choice, lagi-lagi Arin tak bisa menunjukkan ‘fun’ sidenya.
LA: “I’m struggling with that. I want goosebumps. I didn’t get a 5 million performance.”
Demi: “I agree. I was honestly really bored. I didn’t get the song choice. You lack soul.”
Simon : “You didn’t seem into it. The song choice is like a cat eating a tiger, It’s not right for you. It did sound a bit boring. I think you could be in trouble tonight.”
Britney: “I feel like you nailed it.”

7. Paige Thomas – Demi Lovato – Young Adults – “Last Dance” by Donna Summer
Rihanna wannabe ini mulai menunjukkan kemajuan dalam setiap penampilannya.
LA: “That was your best yet.” “It was like a disco ball exploded on stage.”
Demi: “That was probably your best performance so far. The choreography was very distracting. You needed to be in the spotlight.”

8. Fifth Harmony – Simon Cowell – Groups – “Hero” by Mariah Carey
Sepertinya Camila yang paling stand out diantara Fifth Harmony, dan penampilan mereka makin membaik, hanya saja belum memberikan performa yang luar biasa.
LA: “There is something really lovable about all of you. You struggled in the beginning. It turned into a really great performance. ”
Britney: “I was extremely impressed.”
Demi: “You guys did an incredible job on the song.”
Simon: “Maybe this isn’t a one horse race. Maybe 5 girls with brilliant voices can win this show. YOU ALL LOVE PUPPIES.”

9. Carly Rose – Britney Spears – Teens – “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.
Lagu ini emang sangat susah untuk dibawakan, tapi untuk ukuran seusia Carly yang baru 13 tahun, dia membawakan dengan sangat bagus. Bravo!
LA: “It pains me to say it but…We could be looking at the winner.”
Demi: “You’re so good. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe that that’s your voice. It’s like Celine Dion is here and is hiding.”
Simon: “I don’t believe you’re a human being. That last note at the end was absolutely amazing.”
Britney: “I’m so proud of you. I had chills all over my body.”

10. Vino Alan – LA Reid – Over 25s – “Let’s Stay Together” by Tina Turner
Lagu ini milik Al Green dan juga dibawakan ulang oleh Tina Turner. Sepertinya Vino semakin nyaman dengan menjadi salah satunya rocker di X Factor kali ini.
Britney: “Your voice is so soulful. It works.”
Demi : “I liked this performance better than last week’s. I was a little bored, but you sounded amazing.”
Simon : “I think you needed confidence. Your voice is designed for a moment. It wasn’t as good as last week. You need bigger kinds of songs.”
LA: “You put your soul into that. You have a classic sounding voice. That song was a great platform for it.”

11. Emblem 3 – Simon Cowell – Groups – “No One” by Alcia Keys
No One dibawakan dengan versi agak reggae, dan mereka cukup heran dengan berada di posisi #6 di hasil Voting minggu lalu.
LA:, “You have the perfect vocal blend. You are complete superstars in my opinion.”
Britney: “You guys are complete heartthrobs.”
Demi: “It was better than last week.”
Simon: “There was no way you should be this low in the competition. It was absolutely brilliant”

12. CeCe Frey – Demi Lovato – Young Adults – “All By Myself” by Celine Dion
Pitchy, pitchy, sayang banget tarikan vocalnya agak kurang pas di lagu ini.
LA : “You sang the song really well. It’s an improvement. I don’t know what to say.”
Demi: “Sorry she was better than Vino.”
Britney: “Sorry I don’t get it.”
Simon : “I like you because you were at trier. It was very cabaret, the wind machine. All the gimmicks. Something isn’t working.”

Result Show:
Bintang tamu kali ini adalah Taylor Swift, yang membawakan lagu baru “State of Grace” untuk pertama kalinya.

Lihat penampilan Taylor Swift – State of Grace:

Sekarang saatnya pengumuman, dimana Lyric 145 langsung diumumkan menjadi finalis yang tereliminasi dengan voting terendah kemarin. Kemudian satu persatu finalis dipanggil ke babak Top 10, dan menyisakan 2 finalis untuk sing-off yaitu Paige Thomas dan Jennel Garcia.

Jennel Garcia menyanyikan “The Reason” Hoobastank dan Paige Thomas membawakan “Paradise” Coldplay. LA dan Britney memilih untuk memulangkan Jennel, sedangkan Demi memilih Paige, dan keputusan terakhir di tangan Simon yang menurut dia sebuah pilihan yang gampang, yaitu Jennel.

Yang harus pulang: Lyric 145 dan Jennel Garcia.

Hasil Voting Top 10:
1. Tate Stevens
2. Carly Rose
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem3
5. CeCe Frey
6. Fifth Harmony
7. Diamond White
8. Beatrice Miller
9. Arin Ray
10. Paige Thomas

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