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Lirik Lagu MASKED WOLF – Gravity Glidin
CREDIT: Elektra Records
Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu MASKED WOLF – Gravity Glidin 

[Verse 1]
I don’t got time for this bullshit (Word), loose lips
I ain’t ever playin’ by your rules, kid (Word), ayy (Word)
Back then, didn’t have the traction (Ayy)
Now they want a cut (Word?), ain’t that a fraction? (Word)
Yeah, I’m a monster with the flow, that’s a kraken
Don’t focus on numbers, I ain’t even here for hackin’ (Uh-huh)
Gotta keep it fly, paper plane, put respect on my name (Yeah)
Don’t flow like a drain, I’m the dawg, Great Dane (Woof)

Boy, okay (Okay)
Gravity glidin’ got me a-okay
Floatin’ through, but I still paved my way
Stargaze trippin’, but I’m a-okay
Gravity glidin’ like

[Verse 2]
Pop it (Pop it), I ain’t have no day-ones (No day-ones)
Don’t like the heat? Better get your apron (Apron)
Used to hat? life (Okay), had my shade on (Ayy)
Used to watch that moon shin?, Akon (Akon)
This the shit that I don’t like and it ain’t ordinary (Ordinary)
More than scary, all these birds up in my sanctuary (Brr)
Never hit me up, hurting deep, I was feeling buried
Found my colors and started flying, ain’t that canary?
Got pain in my soul (Pain in my), I ain’t here to toast (I ain’t here to)
Champagne problems, I was feeling like a ghost
On the lane, switching roads, got drive, no control (Why?)
Beam me up, I’ma need some space on the go

Boy, okay (Okay)
Gravity glidin’ got me a-okay (Okay)
Floatin’ through, but I still paved my way (My way)
Stargaze trippin’, but I’m a-okay
Gravity glidin’ like
Boy, okay
Gravity glidin’ got me a-okay
Floatin’ through, but I still paved my way
Stargaze trippin’, but I’m a-okay
Gravity glidin’ like

[Verse 3]
Why y’all cheap like coupons? (What?) I get bread like croutons (What?)
Take a seat like futons, don’t say a peep, you been warned (Shh)
KD, I’m back in the league and immaculately
Do this and repeat, four-oh with the sweep, yeah
Stackin’ that sheet, the taste of defeat
I’ve been balling ever since my calling (Ayy)
I’ve been flowing, water falling, I beg your pardon (Ayy)
I ain’t ever claim guns, but I be drawing (Drawing)
This picture clear, my image more than, yeah, my decorum, wait (What?)
Mr. Nice Guy, hit ’em with a light-light
She want me next to her like a night light
You can go bye-bye like night-night
She want a man something like white knight (Ayy)
Take her for a spin like old-old English
That’s that coupe, alley-oop like finish
Can’t see me, that window tinted
I broke out, there ain’t no limits
G-Eazy, believe me, I need it, I was knee-deep
No freebies, still spat that shit out something like bulimics
You see me, you need me, dreaming, thinking you can be me (Ayy)
You ain’t on my frequency, aerial or TV
You 2D? I’m 3D, you 4G? I’m 5G
I came correct like Nike, I read you all like psychics (Woof)

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