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American Idol 9 Top 7 – Inspirational
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 7 – Inspirational 

Tema minggu ini adalah insprirational dan dimentori oleh Alicia Keys. 7 besar tampil, ada yang habis-habisan tapi tetap saja ada yang mengecewakan. Oh iya, ini juga akan menjadi pekan Idol Gives Back, acara amal a la American Idol yang sudah diadakan sejak musim ke-6. Ini dia rekapnya, R = Randy Jackson, E = Ellen DeGeneres, K = Kara DioGuardi, S = Simon Cowell, dan A = Ai Hasibuan.


Casey James – Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Fleetwood Mac
(R) It was a good performance. It wasn’t your best. Each week we see the same thing. I was looking for something a bit more special.
(E) Great guitar playing. No one is going to be talking about that tomorrow.
(K) Tonight was like jam band and it doesn’t show us anything different.
(S) I am amazed you picked that song. That was inspiring. Zero emotion. No originality.
(A) Suka. Itu aja. Rasanya aku mulai merasa bosan dnegan penampilannya. 7/10)
Lee Dewyze – The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkle
(R) I think you are a great artist ready to make great music. You will have a big career.
(E) Beautiful song choice. We are seeing better and better from you. Your best performance by far.
(K) I think you had your moment tonight. You felt connected to the song. Keep picking things you feel connected to.
(S) That was the best of the night but we are only 2 in. That was sincere, emotional. You made the song sound like it was written a week ago.
(A) Amazing! Lee adalah salah satu penyelamat musim ini dari banyaknya komentar miring mengenai musim ini. (8/10)
Tim Urban – Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls
(R) Interesting choice for you. It was only ok karaoke for me.
(E) The soup of the day. Sometimes I like, sometimes I don’t. Today I didn’t.
(K) This is where you belong but it wasn’t the best execution. Not your best performance.
(S) If this was the first time we saw you we would be depressed. You have improved over the weeks but it was a little bit of a let down.
(A) Enggak jelek, tapi biasa aja. Bukan penampilan yang bisa membuat kita senang melihat keberadaan Tim disini. (7/10)
Aaron Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly
(R) You picked a giant song. You have a huge voice and pure vocal talent. You did a good job.
(E) You are on your way. Real good.
(K) Watching that was like taking off. You did hit it by the end.
(S) You gave it your all. If I had heard that on the radio I would have turned it off in 10 seconds.
(A) AKU SUKA! Makanya aku heran kenapa kog ada yang enggak suka ama penampilan Aaron minggu ini. Kali ini dia mampu menunjukkan kemampuan vokal yang dia miliki. (9/10)
Siobhan Magnus – When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey
(R) You picked the toughest song of the night. It was just ok for me.
(E) I disagree.
(K) Technically it was really well sung, but it felt dramatic. I still don’t know who you are.
(S) That wasn’t the right song for you. Too much happened too quickly. I found it a bit old and all over the place.
(A) AKU SUKA! Salah satu penampilan Siobhan yang aku sangat nikmati. (8/10)
Michael Lynche – Hero by Chad Kroeger ft Josey Scott
(R) I was worried about this song choice but you held your own with it. It worked out.
(E) I thought you did a great job.
(K) It wasn’t my favorite performance. It was all over. You don’t have the tone for that.
(S) I think you sang it well but that was about Spiderman.
(A) HANCUR. Aku heran kemana kepintaran Big Mike dalam memilih lagu minggu ini. Lagunya enggak Mike banget. Seperti orang lain yang memilihkan untuknya. (5/10)
Crystal Bowersox – People Get Ready by The Impressions
(R) Been a fan since day 1. That is how you do it.
(E) You have never looked so beautiful. You get better and better.
(K) Thanks for taking a risk. You just schooled all those contestants.
(S) I am happy to see you emotional. You sang it fantastically. It was completely in a different class tonight.
(A) SPEKTAKULER! (10/10)

Ai Hasibuan: I gotta feelin’ kalau result show nanti pasti mencengangkan. Aku pilih Michael Lynche, Tim Urban, dan salah satu antara Aaron Kelly/Siobhan Magnus di 3 terbawah. Dan yang tersisih Michael Lynch.

Yang pulang di acara Result Show Idol Gives Back minggu ini adalah: Tim Urban!

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