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Interview With Cody Simpson
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Interview With Cody Simpson 

Hi Cody Simpson, tell us about your new single Pretty Brown Eyes?
Pretty Brown Eyes was a song I created as an anthem for all the girls with brown eyes. Everywhere you go you see girls with brown eyes, it’s a pretty universal trait.

How about your new album Surfers Paradise?
The album has a classic summer feel. It’s a lot of fun mixed in with some mellow acoustic vibes.

You just got your very first headlining tour in Europe. How was it?
Touring Europe was an incredible opportunity. I got to travel to so many amazing places and meet so many great people. It’s a surreal feeling to wake up in a new city or country every morning.

You also have a tour in US & Canada too? How about Asia and especially Indonesia?
I’m touring the US & Canada this summer. I’m in the middle of rehearsals as we speak. I would love to come to Asia and meet all of my incredible fans over there. I think I’ll have to talk to my manager a.s.a.p!

What do you think of your hectic life and activities these days? Do you ever like wanting to actually free from all of it just once in a while?
Life is both crazy and hectic these days but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love what I do. There are times when I wish I could just chill with friends but the positives in my life always outweigh the negatives.

Any plan to have an acting career?
Haven’t really thought about acting as of now. Anything is possible but music is, and will always remain my first priority.

Any singers that you would love to collaborate someday?
I would love work with Jack Johnson, Ed sheeran, or Bruno Mars one day. That would be incredible.

Thank you for your time, Cody!

Special thanks to Sugi & Warner Music Indonesia

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