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Tweetainment – 18 Jan
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Tweetainment – 18 Jan 

@keshasuxx: Ironic that the obnoxious little devil babies sitting behind me on the plane started singing tiktok after spilling soup in my hair
-abis buat salah trus nyanyi… hehe. tapi ngetop juga yah ke$ha, sampe anak2pun tahu lagu tiktok!

@thetings: I’ve decided I hate twitter.going to think about doing something more interesting with this page-better than talking SHIT 2times a week ( :
-wah the ting tings kok mogok gak mau twitter-an lagi?

@krisallen: @adamlambert poop!
-yang satu ini aneh juga.. ada hubungan apa kris ama adam, kok tweetnya cuman nulis ‘poop’ aja?

@sarabareilles: I don’t think 3D is the future. My left eye started hemorrhaging and I think I’m dumber now. If it IS the future, I’m staying here.
-kayaknya Sara pusing nih abis nonton Avatar.. pdhl sebelumnya bilang kalo mau pindah ke Pandora dan kawin ama Avatar..??

@justinbieber: Less than 12 hours until MY WORLD comes out in the UK and “BABY” feat Ludacris comes out on ITUNES!!! Let the countdown begin. Let’s go #1!!
– we love you Justin! go go go !

@johncmayer: Falling asleep with everything I could possibly need laying next to me. I love you iPhone, laptop, hard drive, water, meal bar. XO
– huhu sapa yg gak demen.. punya iPhone, laptop, hard drive.. ada yg kurang?

@riverscuomo (weezer): Who here has tried their wife’s breastmilk?
-yuck… ada yg tahu coba beneran?

@iammarkronson: F**k an iPhone. I’ve had it. I’d get (a) better reception at a Hitler youth rally
-makanya, pake blackberry mas ronson.. disini juga iPhone gak laku!

@erykahbadu: This is the year of mastery. All I touch will turn to gold and vegan cinnamon rolls. Watch.
-wah, kita juga mau mbak badu.. kalo semua jadi emas! hehehe

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