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American Idol 9 Top 11 – Billboard #1 Hits
American Idol

American Idol 9 Top 11 – Billboard #1 Hits 

Tema Teen Idols akhirnya diganti menjadi Billboard #1 Hits utk minggu ini… tapi ternyata untuk mentornya masih bener2 ‘Teen’ nih.. Miley Cyrus.. sedikit berlebihan memang, apalagi dilihat pengalaman Miley yang terasa masih baru di dunia tarik suara ini. Well, The show must go on… So here we go..
Komentar: RJ (Randy Jackson), ED (Ellen DeGeneres), KD (Kara DioGuardi), SC (SImon Cowell), CD (CreativeDisc), AI (Ai Hasibuan)

1. Lee DeWyze “The Letter” by The Boxtops
RJ: You knocked it out of the park. Way to start off the show.
ED: My favorite pen is back. That was fantastic.
KD: You raised the bar for yourself. The progress is tremendous.
SC: I am surprised you picked that song. That wasn’t a recording performance. That was you doing something corny. It sounded good but you missed the point about having a moment.
CD: Tampil bagus di awal show… emang Lee bisa banget tampil dgn lagu lawas dan bikin dgn stylenya sendiri. (8/10)
AI: Aku setuju ama Kara yang bilang Lee itu tremendous, tapi aku juga setuju ama Simon yang bilang itu enggak mencerminkan Lee sebagai artis kontemporer. I like him and I like the song. (8/10)

2. Paige Miles “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins
RJ: Honestly that was terrible. The pitch is all over the place. ‘
ED: You have never looked better.
KD: Somewhere along the line you stopped listening and competing. It was the worst vocal I have ever heard from you and possibly the season.
SC: It was like there were 5 of you singing that song. It was all over the place. I think you will be in serious trouble tonight.
CD: Oh no.. sampe kapan nih Paige Miles bertahan? (3/10)
AI: Bye bye, Paige. Bye bye, misery! (4/10)

3. Tim Urban “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen
RJ: You should wow us every time you come on stage. The vocals were so boring. It was like karaoke.
ED: It felt like it was an audition for High School Musical. It was corny and pushed too hard. I didn’t get it.
KD: It was Zac Efron and Hairspray. You didn’t change up the melodies. You acted like you already made it and you haven’t.
SC: The sliding around distracted from the song. It was completely pointless and silly. Your not taking part in this. You are just there singing and dancing.
CD: Sepertinya Tim tampil ‘main2’ aja nih di American Idol… serius dong.. (5/10)
AI: I’m with Ellen, it’s like a High School Musical. I like Tim tapi aku enggak suka apa yg ditampilkannya minggu ini. It’s definitely a crazy little thing called FANATIC! (6/10)

4. Aaron Kelly “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
RJ: It wasn’t a perfect performance. Some pitch issues but thank god you came on the stage and starting singing. I love the way you sang the first verse. I’m a fan.
ED: That was a perfect song choice for you. You have such an amazing voice. I see your career already. That was amazing.
KD: Ellen said it. Best song choice of the night. Week to week you know how to pick the song that shows consistency. More stage presence from you.
SC: It was brave. I think you are making yourself old fashioned but there is zero chance you are going to go home.
CD: Hmm, sepertinya Aaron Kelly masih belum bisa menampilkan kemampuan terbaiknya, tapi better than last week (7/10)
AI: Dia punya kemampuan untuk mengambil nada-nada tinggi tapi herannya sepertinya itu kemampuan yang enggak pernah dia gunakan. (7/10)

5. Crystal Bowersox “Me & Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin
RJ: That is the way you do it. You come out here and you slay it. That’s what it is about. I am so happy now.
ED: There was nothing wrong with that performance. We are missing a bit of personality though. I would love to see a little more connection. Take it all in.
KD: I felt more tonight. I saw smiling, i saw you moving more. You should consider putting the guitar down. You need to let go completely.
SC: I wouldn’t change anything. Up till now we have had a karaoke contest. This is about finding a recording artist. You took a song and you nailed it.
CD: Wow… Crystal tidak pernah tampil mengecewakan.. konsisten dgn gayanya sendiri, jadi seperti Lee versi cowok hehe. (8/10)
AI: It was Fan-tas-tic! (8/10)

6. Michael Lynche “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge
RJ: I don’t think it was your best vocal but you know who you are. I loved it. You did that today.
ED: It was a safe choice. It was fine and you have an amazing tone. This woman loves that man.
KD: Technically it was really good but it was a bit boring and loungy at times. I lost my connection with you.
SC: You want 1 scoop of ice cream and you get 11. It was to much. It should have been you and the piano and very simple.
CD: Hmm.. kemana nih vocal Big Mike yang oke itu? sepertinya Mike terbebani dgn penampilan bagusnya di Top 24 itu… (6/10)
AI: He’s playing safe in the Big Mike standard. Aku rasa itu cukup. (7/10)

7. Andrew Garcia “I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye
RJ: It wasn’t good man. It was the wrong song choice. It didn’t work.
ED: I love ya and I hope your fans vote for you. It wasn’t fantastic. I hope people vote for you.
KD: You are chasing that moment and it is messing with you. You are confused. It didn’t even feel like Andrew.
SC: Maybe we over rated that moment in hindsight. You have had enough time to sort yourself out. The arrangement was horrific. You sucked the soul out of that song and ruined it and you made yourself really corny.
CD: Err… Andrew Garcia semakin menurun penampilannya… sayang banget.. (6/10)
AI: The best place for him to have fun is home. Zona bahaya. (5/10)

8. Katie Stevens “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie
RJ: I don’t know if it was your best performances. It was sharp and pitchy but you picked a younger song. You are listening to us.
ED: I think it was your best performance so far. You sounded great. You are evolving and changing. I liked it a lot.
KD: This is the lane for you. Pop with R&B leanings. This is where you belong. You have pitch issues but this is where you belong.
SC: You meeting Miley was they best thing that could happen to you. I am still not sure you are believable. You are competing in a difficult place.
CD: Akhirnya Katie memilih lagu yang paling modern dan cocok utk usianya, tapi tidak terlalu cocok utk vocalnya… (7/10)
AI: I like her performance. Sejauh ini Katie masuk Top 3 penampilan favoritku. Cantik luar biasa dan penampilannya sudah seperti bintang. Dan aku yakin banyak yang setuju. If I were American, I vote for her! (8/10)

9. Casey James “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and The News
RJ: I am a fan of yours. I wasn’t a fan of the song choice but you did it well.
ED: Not a fan of the song but I thought it was the best vocal of the night.
KD: We just saw another level. You are ready to make an album. Its all there. You are in the zone.
SC: That was old fashioned. He didn’t make it current. It was like watching an 80’s cover band.
CD: Casey punya semuanya… tampang cakep, vocal oke, dan bisa main musik.. paket komplit yang sepertinya bisa membuat dia bertahan, walau penampilannya agak naik turun. (6/10)
AI: Casey punya keinginan yang kuat untuk tetap bertahan di American Idol. Dan dia fans papanya Miley! (7/10)

10. Didi Benami “You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt
RJ: I loved the idea of it but it was pitchy all over the place.
ED: I don’t get the song choice. It wasn’t right but I do love your voice.
KD: I felt like you were playing a character. It didn’t feel it was you. It just left me confused.
SC: It was like a musical, the bad part of the musical. It didn’t sound like it was you.
CD: Weits.. kemana nih Didi yang minggu lalu tampil oke? Kali ini jelek banget… (5/10)
AI: Didi, you’re no good this week. Lemah dan di bawah standar. (6/10)

11. Siobhan Magnus “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder
RJ: I am always so excited to see you. I am happy you picked that. I thought it was great. You have so much conviction.
ED: More please. You are so good.
KD: You express yourself every time you perform. Not your best performance but that end note you do is amazing.
SC: I think there is going to be a real split with you on this one. I don’t think you hit the notes anywhere near what you have done before.
CD: When Sanjaya Malakar meets Adam Lambert… ini dia rambut mohawk dgn vocal bagus… hahaha (8/10)
AI: I love her! Seandainya dia menjerit sepanjang lagupun aku tetap cinta Siobhan! Jeritannya dan dandanan noraknya. (8/10)

AI: Aku ga suka minggu ini. Miley mementori 11 kontestan menurutku keterlaluan. 3 terbawah prediksiku Aaron Kelly, Didi Benami, dan Andrew Garcia. Yang pulang adalah Paige Miles!
CD: Prediksi 3 terbawah… Paige Miles, Tim Urban dan Andrew Garcia, dan yg pulang Paige Miles!

Bottom 3: Tim Urban, Paige Miles dan Katie Stevens!

Eliminated: PAIGE MILES!

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