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Pencapaian Intim Gracie Abrams Dalam ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’
CREDIT: Interscope Records
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Pencapaian Intim Gracie Abrams Dalam ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’ 

Penyanyi pendatang baru Gracie Abrams membuktikan jika ia layak untuk dicermati melalui single barunya, ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’.

Bintang yang juga seorang penulis lagu asal Los Angeles ini menandakan sisi dewasanya melalui ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’. Hasil akhirnya sebuah lagu balada yang kaya nuansa, lembut dan juga sangat intim, saat ia bernyanyi tentang patah hati.

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i miss you, i’m sorry out now </3 i know everything is scary and uncertain right now and i thought that maybe this wasn’t the right time to release anything, but the truth is that writing and listening to music have always grounded me whenever i find myself feeling scared or anxious or excited or lost or in love or out of control. this kind of anxiety is different. none of us have lived through something like this before. and yet, gratefully and impossibly, music continues to bring me comfort and i’m thinking that might be true for some of you too. i co-wrote this song with sarah aarons and i don’t know if i’ll ever get over it. sarah is a hero of mine and of so many others. she’s brilliant, she’s humble, she is so fucking talented. writing with her is an experience i’ll carry with me for the rest of my life (i love you @sarah_aarons ). blake produced this song. i wrote it about him and then he produced it. so. this world is better with him in it and this song is definitely better because he agreed to work on it i love you @blakeslatkin i hope you like this song but mostly i hope you’re well and safe. in the midst of all this, i’m so moved by everyone working on the frontlines of this crisis. last week i shared my admiration and support for @savethechildren , a group doing life changing work for kids around the world. today it feels important to lift up the incredible women working to support victims of domestic violence. while some of us are grateful to be sheltering in place, others are in extreme danger. women and children who live with abusive partners need the services of local organizations like @jenessecenter and national resources like @ndvhofficial . if you’re interested in learning more, please check them out. this is the first song off my first project. i love you guys. be safe. ?

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Dikerjakan bersama Blake Slatkin dan Sarah Aarons, ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’ menyajikan keseimbangan tekstural dan dicapai dengan tujuan yang nyata. Dan Gracie dengan cermat melewati penghalang antara sisi emosionalnya dan saat ia membawakan lagunya.

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