Tweetainment - 26 Oct

Oleh: welly - 27 Oct 2009

@thescript Busy in the Studio workin away, havin a great time! Got some crackin grooves happenin! G.

-- horeeee.. new album new album.. can't wait.. can't wait

@adamlambert My debut, official album "FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT" will be released Nov 23rd. The SHOULD be out next week. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!

-- molor lagi?

@taylorswift13 The fearless rerelease is coming out on Monday now!! Ahhh six new songs!

-- dengan cover baru? dengan rambut yang lebih berkibar?

@ladygaga At the hospital. Giving daddy a footrub while he falls asleep. He's my hero.

@ladygaga My Daddy had open heart surgery today. And after long hours, and lots of tears, they healed his broken heart, and mine. Speechless.

-- Ternyata Gaga juga bisa jadi TUKANG PIJIT juga.. anyway Cepet sembuh, daddy..

@johncmayer I want to produce a remix of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" with my dad singing "turn the lights OFF!"

-- okay.l. hidup hemat.. m aklum PLTU Paiton baru aja rusak :P

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